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Clearwater, Florida (July 30, 2014)-Supply chain software developer Datex has developed middleware for RFID. The Datex middleware reads RFID tags and provides tag location as well as time and date stamp on entry to the Datex warehouse management system.

Using Datex RFID middleware and RFID portals, warehouses can use a two-step putaway process to help prevent misplaced inventory.  RFID portals can be positioned in strategic locations, such as at the entry to freezers or aisles to capture inventory movement.  This enables warehouse operations to have a system in place to locate inventory, saving valuable time and labor.

Using RFID in this manner provides numerous benefits.  This system eliminates the need to physically check the Bill of Lading and/or packing slip and can reduce the cost of labor to manage the damaged goods process.  RFID can be read regardless of position.  Using RFID is an improvement over barcodes which must be placed face up or on top of boxes in order to be read.  RFID improves worker productivity as well as the speed of product flow throughout the warehouse.  Other benefits of using RFID include:  identification of product compatibility issues to workers; enhancement of picking accuracy; facilitation of the returns process of unsellable or damaged goods; improvements in putaway rates and reductions in employee theft.

Using RFID enables warehouses to create more flexible storage environments.  There is no need to place pallets and products in specifically assigned locations.  The use of RFID also minimizes “honeycombing”, i.e. large empty rack slots positioned among filled slots in a racked warehouse.

A video regarding implementation and additional information on RFID solutions are available on the Datex website.

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