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Zero Inventory
A term initially used to represent the optimum stock level in a just-in-time system and the idea that inventory is a liability instead of an asset.
Zone-batch picking
A combination of zone and batch picking, where multiple pickers each pick portions of multiple orders.
Zone of Rate Flexibility
Railroads may raise rates by a percentage increase in the railroad cost index that the ICC determines; the railroads could raise rates by 6 percent per year through 1984 and 4 percent thereafter.
Zone of Rate Freedom
Motor carriers may raise or lower rates by 10 percent in one year without ICC interference; if the rate change is within the zone of freedom, the rate is presumed to be reasonable.
Zone of Reasonableness
A zone or limit within which air carriers may change rates without regulatory scrutiny; if the rate change is within the zone, the new rate is presumed to be reasonable.
Zone Picking
A method of subdividing a picking list by arrears within a storeroom for more efficient and rapid order picking. A zone-picked order must be grouped to a single location and the separate pieces combined before delivery, or must be delivered to different locations such as a work center.
Zone Price
The constant price of a product at all geographic locations within a zone.

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