Datex Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturing WMS

No more lost and found.

Our system can track and trace by ingredient, SKU, UPC and lot and can transform material from one SKU to another, essential for packaging changes. Tired of searching for information? We can help. The Datex FootPrint WMS handles lot number changes without losing historical information, including all component information.

We’ll flag you down.

We know the importance of real time information to your business. Our WMS system includes customized business alerts by user, such as inspections, invoice status, credit holds, inventory issues and more. Now you’ll know be notified of changes to your business within minutes so you can make time critical decisions quickly with real time information.

Product safety is job one.

Use our system to track ingredients in conditions that could cause product deterioration, such as items temporarily out of refrigeration. Datex FootPrint WMS automatically accelerates the expiration dates of products in such conditions, ensuring increased safety and improving inventory control.

Put those pallets on a leash.

Datex FootPrint WMS tracks pallets by facility. Wouldn’t you love to save time reconciling pallets by carriers and facilities and increase process accuracy?

Single to many.

Our system can allocate across multiple warehouses simultaneously on one order. All done!

Not bomb, BOM.

Now you can select item codes and quantity to create a list and build a Bill of Materials, making the process quick and easy. Just like that, project complete. Learn more about Manufacturing Management System

Manufacturing Management Technical Details

Manufacturing and Production

  • Specification of production lines
  • Tracks and balances raw materials and inventory during production
  • Automatic advancement of the expiration date based upon the time out of optimal storage conditions, such as refrigeration
  • Material transformation (SKU to SKU, for example ), great for packaging changes
  • Change of lot number without losing historical information, including all component information
  • Create production orders
  • Capture temperatures in multiple locations
  • Specify equipment usage from various locations
  • Link equipment to product type
  • Pallet tracking
  • Third party ASN order
  • Simultaneous allocation across multiple warehouses
  • Automatic BOM creation

Quality Assurance

  • Perform quality inspections
  • Schedule taste testing and other quality processes