Datex to Present on How to Use Technology toStay Competitive at MODEX 2024

Supply chain software developer Datex will commemorate its rst exhibition at MODEX 2024 with the educational seminar “So Many Pressures, So Much Technology: What’s Going to Help You Stay Competitive?”, Datex experts Frank Jewell, Chief Revenue Ofcer, and David Castanon, Senior Director of Consulting will discuss technologies that can help make companies more efcient, Datex will present “So Many Pressures, So Much Technology: What’s Going to Help You Stay Competitive?” and will exhibit in booth C7694 at MODEX 2024. agile, and competitive.


Datex has more than 45 years of experience in helping supply chain businesses select and utilize technology to solve even the most vexing problems. Specialists in 3PL operations, Datex provides warehouse management solutions to distributors, cold storage warehouse operators, and the pharmaceutical/healthcare vertical.


“The Datex team has been instrumental in using our new innovative low-code/no-code warehouse management software and other technologies to enable businesses to meet customer requirements, operate, and scale faster. The result is enhanced efciency, protability, and growth” explained Datex CEO Michael Armanious. “Our team is skilled in diagnosing and solving problems and will bring that high level of expertise to explaining to MODEX 2024 participants how and when to leverage various technologies in their operations.”


From low-code/no-code software to automation, network/facility design, machine learning and articial intelligence, technology is now front and center in supply chain operations. Seasoned warehousing veteran Frank Jewell has worked in and with 3PLs, warehousing and distribution operations and a wide variety of technology partners for over forty years, across various sectors. Copresenter David Castanon has over twenty years of experience working with clients in supply chain and strategic consulting throughout the product lifecycle.


“Technology is the great differentiator. The key is identifying the problem, targeting the required outcome, and understanding current infrastructure and needs. Only then should you consider which technology or blend of solutions to use to produce the needed outcome” explained Armanious.


Datex is launching the next generation of Footprint WMS at MODEX 2024 and has received praise from its clients regarding the new user interface that can be tailored to each role in warehouse operations and innovative capabilities of the system. The new technology structure improves data management, as well as real time visibility, and captures more revenue. Built on a true low-code application platform (LCAP), Datex Footprint WMS can be tailored to meet complex requirements, including for 3PL billing, as well as regulatory compliance and includes compliance automation to help ensure accuracy. Datex will be presenting “So Many Pressures, So Much Technology: What’s Going to Help You Stay Competitive?” on Monday, March 11 from 11:30 to 12:15 in the Transportation and Logistics theater at MODEX 2024 and is exhibiting in booth C7694. Appointments and demos can be scheduled to see Datex Footprint WMS during MODEX 2024.


About Datex Corporation For over 45 years, Datex has provided technology solutions and services to supply chain companies across the globe. Known for its tremendously exible technology and ability to solve complex warehousing and supply chain challenges, Datex software is web-based and leverages Microsoft Azure. An end-to-end technology provider, Datex sells Microsoft-based proprietary warehouse management software, hardware, and a range of services including integrations, EDI, implementation, project management and managed services. Rated the highest levels of excellence for software development and service by Microsoft, Datex is known for its concierge service. For more information, come by booth C7694 at MODEX 2024 or contact Laura Olson, VP of Marketing at 727-400-3641 or via email at About MODEX MODEX 2024 brings the supply chain ecosystem together to showcase end-to-end solutions for your operations. Featuring solutions of more than 1,000 leading manufacturing and supply chain suppliers, MODEX is an opportunity to connect and learn with thought leaders on the latest trends – from traditional equipment to sustainability to workforce, automation, robotics, and emerging technologies. Media Contact


“Technology is the great differentiator. The key is identifying the problem, targeting the required outcome, and understanding current infrastructure and needs” said Datex CEO Michael Armanious. 

About Datex 

Datex Footprint Cloud is a SaaS warehouse management system designed for visionary 3PL companies with complex customer demands and ambitious growth plans, who see technology as a strategic differentiator to achieve exponential revenue and unparalleled efficiency. Developed on the Datex proprietary wavelength platform, where decades of expertise gained from collaborations with operations, executive leaders, technology teams and frontline employees across multiple markets and customers has been embedded, the combined result is an unparalleled set of core WMS features with native integration to leading edge supply chain solutions. For more information, please contact Laura Olson at 727.571.4159 or via email at


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