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Managing inbound dock operations can be chaotic at times.  Datex supply chain software solutions include yard management to help warehouse professionals effectively manage the yard attached to a warehouse or distribution center (DC).  Datex FootPrint WMS yard management functionality includes dock door appointment scheduling, trailer check in and check out, cross docking and trans load, container tracking, trailer validation and other features key to the successful operation of inbound dock operations.


Datex FootPrint WMS includes commanding functionality for receiving, putaway, picking, track and trace and order management.  Ideal for handling a diverse range of inventory from bulk goods, apparel, serialized goods and electronics to pharmaceuticals and food, the Datex warehouse management system handles multi-commodities within the same warehouse effortlessly while ensuring maximum efficiency and productivity.

The Datex warehouse management system was developed to handle multi-warehouse, multi-customer scenarios and has an easy to use sophisticated billing system.  Non-technical users will love the reporting system.  Users can simply “drag and drop” fields into the format of their choice to create customized reports or select one of the many standardized reports within the system.

Datex FootPrint WMS includes a powerful workflow engine that manages business processes throughout the operation.  Using workflow instead of a warehouse management system that uses static hard coding means operational processes can be changed more readily, saving your business time, labor and money.

Warehousing and distribution operations using radio frequency (RF) technology typically find the technology to be highly effective in increasing accuracy, increasing efficiency and productivity leading to greater profitability.  Using RF technology and mobile computing options, warehouse and distribution operations can ensure that changes are posted to the warehouse management system in real time.  This allows for quick capture of information and accurate system data for billing, reporting and more.

  • Dock door appointment scheduler
  • Single, batch, cluster and wave picking
  • Kitting and assembly
  • Handles multiple warehouses, multiple customers
  • System directed or manual putaway
  • Catch/variable weight
  • HAZMAT ready
  • Pallet tracking
  • Ability to restrict inventory locations
  • Automatic replenishment
  • Order consolidation
  • Barcode parsing
  • Serialization/serial number control
  • Can create customer specific BOL and labels
  • Can attach documents and files to inventory records

Datex FootPrint WMS Lot Track and Trace


As California warehouses grow, labor issues are a concern 

As the freeway snakes toward this city an hour’s drive east of Los Angeles, the strip malls gradually give way to the warehouses that supply their goods. There are dozens and dozens of them — in some places, the gray squat buildings are the only things visible from the road — a labyrinth of sprawling distribution centers for retailers that include Walgreens and Wal-Mart, Toyota and Home Depot.

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Supply Chain News: Research says better performing distribution and transportation
organizations have better software

It is a little bit of a “chicken and egg” question for sure, but recent research from Chief Supply Chain Officer Insights find a strong evidence that companies that rate themselves as high performers in the functional areas of transportation and distribution also say they have much better Transportation Management and Warehouse Management software than do companies that say they are less effective in functional performance.

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Don’s Cold Storage plans $14 million temperature-controlled warehouse in Joplin, Missouri

Don’s Cold Storage, an Arkansas-based company that provides temperature-controlled warehouse and transportation services to a variety of industries plans to invest $14 million to construct a new 150,000 square foot cold storage and distribution center in Joplin, Missouri, creating 52 new local jobs.

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Industrial real estate giant Prologis is keen on Dallas and the warehouse market recovery

Prologis is expanding its business park south Interstate 20 in Lancaster. Hamid Moghadam knows a good real estate market when he sees it. And the chairman of Prologis — the country’s largest industrial building owner and developer — has his eye on Dallas these days.

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Collaborative Distribution: A new model for CPG Distribution

Imagine taking a cab to the airport. You sit in traffic for most of the way and, upon arrival, fork over most of the cash in your wallet to pay for the trip. As you walk into the departures building you bump into five people from your town who also arrived by cab and realize, together, that you could have paid less (and burned less fuel) to ride a shared shuttle van.

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