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Warehouse Management for Third Party Logistics

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Reduce your need for IT resources and save upfront costs

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Our award winning Warehouse Management Software

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WMS by Vertical

New Datex FootPrint WMS Industry Specific Editions


Finally, a Worry Free Single Vendor Solution for EDI

One vendor, one complete EDI solution.

Let Datex be your “one stop shop” for EDI. With years of experience working with trading partners and supply chain professionals, Datex has developed a comprehensive single source provider EDI solution. Rely on Datex and eliminate multiple vendors, excessive cost, time delays, finger pointing and needless frustration in your warehouse.

As part of our end-to-end EDI solution Datex will:

  • - Handle all communication with trading partners
  • - Provide interface with Datex FootPrint WMS
  • - Provide Warehouse Project Management experts
  • - Handle all negotiations standards/formats, testing and “go live”
  • - Monitor devices
  • - Proactively handle any issues related to EDI

Cloud and SaaS

Cloud and SaaS WMS Solutions

Reduce your need for IT resources and save upfront costs

Datex Cloud 3PL WMS makes it easy. Rely on Datex for maximum warehouse management system uptime and a full suite of features to meet your specific client needs. Finally, a fully featured WMS with faster implementation and lower predictable costs.

Always have the “latest and greatest” software. Warehouse management system software (WMS) that is easy to learn and use now available at a fraction of the cost of other warehouse management systems. Low upfront cost and monthly commitment, long on value and 3PL wms system reliability.

Why Datex Cloud?

  • - In operation since 1978 helping businesses increase profitability
  • - Lower cost of initial investment
  • - No servers or network hardware needed
  • - Shorter time to value
  • - Simplifies implementation process
  • - Reduced deployment time
  • - Improves workplace communication and collaboration

Choose Our Award Winning 3PL WMS


Customize Billing for Each 3PL Customer

  • - Capture and bill for all value added services
  • - Easy to use 3PL Billing Wizard
  • - Customize billing for each 3PL customer
  • - Automatic invoice creation
  • - Multiple billing parameters
  • - Supports inbound/outbound handling charges
  • - Enables split month and anniversary billing
  • - Forecasts recurring storage revenue
  • - Can add user defined fields to capture accessorial charges
  • - Supports invoice posting to the general ledger
  • - Track billing and revenue by customer


Built to handle the complexity of 3PLs

  • - Multi-tenant system architecture designed for 3PL operations
  • - Developed for multi-client, multi-warehouse
  • - Supports multiple ownership of the same item


Provide 24/7/365 Visibility for Your 3PL Customers

  • - Improve customer service with online access to data
  • - View orders, shipments, attachments, inventory & invoices
  • - Run customized reports
  • - View tasks and initiate owner transfers
  • - Upload orders


Create Customer Specific Labels & Other Documents

Customize invoices, reports, labels and other
documents using customer logos and information


Meet the Needs of 3PL Customers Using Datex Workflow

  • - Onboard new customers faster
  • - Make changes easily to meet 3PL customers’ business requirements
  • - Adapt processes without having to make costly changes to code
  • - Eliminate manual data entry, saving your company time and labor
  • - Increase accuracy by using streamlined workflow processes
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    Robust system for businesses large and small

  • - EDI ready
  • - Can be integrated to other systems
  • - Handles diverse inventory including food, bulk goods, serialized inventory, Lot controlled and regulated goods
  • - Advanced system functionality gives your 3PL a competitive edge in attracting and retaining new customers
  • - Includes yard management, order management, scale ticket
  • - Crossdock/transload, dock door appointment scheduling, and much more
  • - Automatic replenishment
  • - Supports FIFO, FEFO, FMFO, LIFO and other allocation strategies
  • - Handles serialization/serial number control
  • - Track and trace by Lot, serial number, vat code, SKU, UPC, vial, dose, component or ingredient
  • WMS

    Choose Our Award Winning WMS

    Highly Flexible Workflow Based WMS System


    Datex Workflow Designer combines activities, business logic and decision making to create automated, efficient processes for the warehouse, saving companies, time, labor and professional service fees.

    The Datex FootPrint WMS workflow designer empowers companies to take charge of their operations & customize their operations and process without having to have software developers make costly changes to software hard coding.


    Affordable with Robust Functionality

  • - Easy to learn, use and master
  • - Familiar user interface
  • - EDI ready
  • - Can be integrated to other systems
  • - Available in multiple languages
  • - Can handle multiple currencies & taxes
  • - Can handle wide range of inventory from
    regulated goods to Lot controlled,
    bulk & serialized inventory
  • - Multi-warehouse visibility
  • - Includes alerts & notifications
  • - Works with RF, RFID, voice technologies
  • - Crossdock/transload functionality
  • - Auto replenishment
  • - Document/file storage
  • - Full audit trail
  • - Lot track and trace
  • - Dock door scheduler
  • - Master order
  • - Wave planning
  • - Pallet tracking
  • - Cycle/physical counts
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    Customizable Reporting

    Choose one of more than 90 standardized reports or create your own

    Reports can be created using simple “drag and drop” actions, moving fields into place and specifying the layout

    Reporting data is real time, enabling your users to make critical decisions using the most current information available

    Reporting supports profit loss analysis by customer with drill down detail

    Reports can be created using either Crystal Reports or SQL Reporting Services


    Robust system for businesses large and small

    Handles diverse inventory including:

  • - Food
  • - Pharmaceuticals
  • - Serialized inventory
  • - Lot controlled products
  • - Regulated goods
  • - Bulk goods and materials
  • - EDI ready
  • Can be integrated to other systems including:

  • - ERP
  • - Accounting
  • - MRP
  • - CRM
  • - Material handling
  • - Shipping carriers
  • - e-Commerce shopping carts
  • Works with Today’s Technology-Real Time RF and RFID Data Capture


    Voice-enabled. Smartglasses. Wearables. Tablets. And much more

    WMS by Vertical

    New Datex FootPrint WMS Industry Specific Editions for Warehouse Management

    Let Datex Help Improve Your Operation


    Industry specific features and functionality

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    Solutions tailored for your business


    Affordable packages to meet your needs


    Extend Beyond the Walls of the Warehouse

    Datex supply chain software can be integrated with other vendors, including but not limited to:

    quickbooksmicrosoft dynamicssapsagesage accpacepicorpeachtree


    fedexUPSUSPSDHLCanada Post