The Friday Report: May 25th, 2018

Quick wrap up of a few hot topic newsworthy stories in the supply chain logistics industry

The Greening of IoT

How can the transportation and logistics industry reduce its carbon footprint?  According to research by Vanson Bourne for The Future of IoT in Enterprise, 44% of the 100 respondents indicated that they have prioritized environmental monitoring, critical for IoT deployment.  95% of the companies surveyed have active IoT technology projects and 15% reported that they had increased environmental sustainability as a direct result of the deployment of IoT.

Transportation and logistics companies collect, store and analyze real time data from sensors and crowdsourcing.  Sensors are positioned in vehicles and machinery across the supply chain.  Having access to the data at all times is essential to the success of this effort.  Using IoT over a satellite connection, adjustments can be made immediately, providing transportation organizations with a competitive advantage in achieving environmental sustainability.


Supply Chain Digitization Meets Dangerous Goods Compliance Checks

A new innovative technology solution is poised to help enhance the safety and efficiency of the transportation of dangerous goods by air. The new digital solution, Dangerous Goods DG AutoCheck is a digital solution that facilitates the compliance of the Shipper’s Declaration for Dangerous Goods (DGD) against the relevant regulations included in IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations.

As the movement towards digitizing the supply chain advances, increasingly more businesses and government entities are engaging in ways to share information and expedite processes. Using this new tool, organizations are able to directly receive electronic consignment data directly.

The process of verifying compliance of the DGD as well as the labeling and packaging of parcels is labor intensive and time consuming.  By using this verifiable digital method, the process can be expedited while still maintaining a high degree of accuracy.  In today’s global supply chain, the volume of dangerous goods shipments is anticipated to rise significantly from the current level, 1.25 million dangerous goods shipments annually.  Implementing the new digital method will help the cargo supply chain to maintain or increase the level of safety while improving security and time processing dangerous goods shipments.


Consumers Seek Rich, Personalized Customer Experience & Variety of Fulfillment Options

Industry surveys and reports have consistently demonstrated the increased value of the customer experience to consumers.  Factors including consistency across marketing channels, delivery and fulfillment options, creative engagement and personalization help to set brands apart, making them memorable and distinctive to consumers.  According to Kibo’s 2018 Consumer Trends report, the annual survey indicated that the response from 3,000 consumers demonstrated the importance of the shopping experience.  Consumers rated the importance of the shopping experience twice that of the previous year.  This year, those queried valued the variety and speed of fulfillment options as deciding factors, rating them 1.3 times and 3 times higher, respectively of that of the previous year.

Consumers demonstrated a preference for extensive content on branded manufacturer websites. Part of the value of the customer experience involves the ability to develop a knowledge and awareness about the brand and products in which consumers are interested in purchasing.

This indicates that brands which invest marketing dollars in providing product imagery, videos, product reviews, comparison guides, detailed product specifications and other tools consumers find useful are likely to be rewarded with orders.

Having access to accurate inventory information and availability are crucial to consumers.  Over half the survey respondents indicated that they expect that manufacturers’ websites to have items in stock.  Forty percent of consumers surveyed responded that they would anticipate that manufacturers would have more items than retailers.

Having a variety of fulfillment options, especially Buy online, pick up in store (BOPIS) is now mainstream.  67% of the survey respondents reported having used this option within the past six months.  Consumers like this fulfillment option because of the ability to inspect items in the store, reducing the likelihood of returns.

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