The Friday Report: December 17, 2021

Quick wrap up of a few hot topic newsworthy stories in the supply chain logistics industry

Demand Planning During Chip Shortage Is Easier For Dell Due To Digitalization

Dell has been using a direct selling model that enhanced visibility into their operations. Dell is now focusing using a digital model to have more control over its supply chain. Dell has been quick with decision making with prioritization of specific components with their digital model running simulations during the semiconductor shortage. Businesses have better visibility with inventory and operations being able to detect and respond to disruption with Digital twins.

Microsoft and Unilever are two companies that leverage digital twin technology to make their operations more efficient and for predictions. More companies plan to use this technology to have a more agile and responsive supply chain. Technology is essential and will continue to become large investments for companies due to the high demand.

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Rapid Delivery For Retailers DoorDash To Plan

DoorDash is planning to offer DashMart rapid delivery as a service for retailers. DoorDash’s head of new vertical, Fuad Hannon, explained that the company sees a large opportunity to partner and help quick delivers to their customers which they can also apply to their partners’ businesses. DoorDash ‘s plan is to test and learn with DashMart to expand their services to their business partners.

DoorDash will establish their new entity called DashCorps. DoorDash will offer raipd delivery service to retailers, store operators, and grocers.

DoorDash is planning to offer fulfillment services to retailers. With this approach, retailers’ can explore new digital services as consumers continue to buy online. DoorDash will enable its new 15-minute service by staffing about 50 full-time employees, hourly pay of $15, and employees will have the option of receiving insurance benefits. Delivery employees will also use DoorDash’s company app to manage their workflow.

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Challenges With Covid Shots UPS Vaccine Logistics Chief Fears Destroyed

UPS and FedEx are the United States government partners in Covid vaccine distribution. The next phase of Covid vaccination distribution effort with be challenging because manufacturers are changing their formulation. With this new change, inventory and logistics become an issue. Lots of vaccines will need to be returned or destroyed because they will not be in use and due to storage life.

In 2021, carriers have delivered more than 594 million vaccine doses domestically with a 99% on-time delivery rate. Vaccines such as Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson and Johnson vaccines were delivered. 115 million more vaccines need to be distributed for the United States to reach a 70% full vaccinated and boosted goal. According to the CDC, Currently, only about 27% fully vaccinated Americans have received a booster dose as of December 13th.

The key to avoid problems is to only order what you need when you need it. It becomes a problem with somebody tries to hoard vaccine just in case. You are taking away from other places where and when it’s needed if you order too much.

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