The Friday Report Blog: January 27th, 2023

Quick wrap up of a few hot topic newsworthy stories in the supply chain logistics industry

 Rollo Introduces Las Vegas Fleet

Last-mile delivery platform Rollo has announced the launch of a delivery fleet in Las Vegas, Nevada. The company will utilize three Ford E-Transits to make same-day package delivery for a $5 flat fee. Rollo expects to expand coverage from central Las Vegas to the entire city within the year.

This is the company’s first fleet of vehicles; however, the company is known for processing millions of shipments annually and providing users discounted shipping rates from major carriers. Deliveries via Rollo’s fleet are currently available on the company’s Rollo Ship app and website. 

The company stated that the move to implement a delivery service is due to underperformance by major carriers. Rollo cites poor customer service, unexpected fees, and unreliable delivery as a few of the issues that encouraged the company to provide an alternate solution. 

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FourKites Launches Data Connector to Improve Supply Chain Visibility

FourKites has launched a new product that will help the supply chain visibility platform share its data more seamlessly. The product, Data Connecter, enables customers to leverage FourKites supply chain insights through their own business intelligence systems. Previously, businesses needed to utilize the FourKites platform to access data.

Data Connector is advantageous due to its low implementation time. FourKites has stated that users can begin building custom dashboards to utilize the company’s data within minutes. In addition, Data Connector removes the need for customers to manually upload data. It does so by automatically integrating it into their business intelligence systems.

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Amazon Introduces New Capacity Management System

Amazon has announced the introduction of a new capacity management system for third-party sellers that utilize its Fulfillment-By-Amazon (FBA) services. The new system is set to launch on March 1st, 2023 and will have the ability to enable third-party sellers to bid for storage space. Amazon has stated that the goal of the bidding system is to provide sellers with more control over their FBA capacity.

According to Amazon, the highest reservation fee per cubic foot that can be offered by a seller will be granted first. “Performance” credits from sales linked to the extra capacity will help to offset up to 100% of the reservation fees. This makes it so any additional capacity used by sellers will come at no cost if their products sell.

The e-commerce giant expects costs of additional capacity will be based on the time of year and could be high during peak holiday seasons. However, the service will benefit brands in need of more inventory space. This space can be used to support new products launches or marketing campaigns during peak seasons.

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