The Friday Report Blog: February 2nd, 2024

Quick wrap up of a few hot topic newsworthy stories in the supply chain logistics industry

Staples Implements RightHand Robotics with the Aim to Provide Next-Day Delivery to 98% of the U.S.

Staples is revolutionizing its fulfillment centers with the implementation of advanced piece-picking robots from RightHand Robotics, aiming to significantly enhance operational efficiency. This cutting-edge technology, which employs AI and machine learning to handle items of diverse shapes and sizes, is already operational in several Staples locations, with further expansions planned.

The collaboration between Staples and RightHand Robotics has led to significant improvements in the robots’ capabilities, enabling them to deal with a broader range of products with greater accuracy and less human intervention.

This automation not only streamlines Staples’ operations but also supports its commitment to rapid delivery services, positioning the retailer to offer next-day delivery to the vast majority of the U.S. Additionally, Staples’ partnerships with DoorDash and Instacart for same-day delivery underscore its dedication to meeting customer demands for speed and convenience.

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Norfolk Southern’s Collaborative Effort to Enhance Service Levels Pays Off

During a peak season, Norfolk Southern experienced a notable increase in FedEx Ground shipments, following a collaborative effort to enhance service levels. This positive development came after strategic discussions between the two companies aimed at improving efficiency and service delivery.

Although specific figures were not disclosed, Norfolk Southern’s overall volume saw a 3% rise in the fourth quarter, fueled by a surge in intermodal demand. This growth is part of a broader trend, with FedEx aiming to double its rail transportation usage to cut costs and increase efficiency, a move supported by Norfolk Southern’s robust rail network. The successful partnership not only highlights the effective use of rail for logistics but also demonstrates Norfolk Southern’s commitment to adapting its operations to meet the evolving needs of significant clients like FedEx.

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Leading Distributor, TBC Corporation, Appoints New Chief Supply Chain Officer

TBC Corp., a leading distributor of automotive replacement tires, has made a strategic move by appointing Chris Stearman as its first Chief Supply Chain Officer. In this pioneering role, Stearman will oversee the entire spectrum of TBC’s global supply chain activities, from supply chain strategy and manufacturing to distribution and procurement.

Aiming to enhance operational efficiency, TBC is set to embrace advanced technology and data analytics to ensure seamless visibility throughout the product lifecycle, thereby improving demand forecasting and customer delivery.

Additionally, TBC is innovating with Supply Chain as a Service solutions to offer comprehensive warehousing, delivery, and inventory management services, promising to drive business growth and deliver unmatched value to customers. Stearman, with his rich background in supply chain management at notable companies like Tyson Foods, Revlon, and Avon, is well-positioned to lead TBC through this transformative journey.

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