The Friday Report: April 1st, 2022

Quick wrap up of a few hot topic newsworthy stories in the supply chain logistics industry

Innovative Girl Scouts Partner with Door Dash to Sweeten Cookie Sales 

Girl Scout Cookies have embraced the e-commerce last mile delivery trend.  During the pandemic, Girl Scouts adapted and replaced their on-site selling booths with fresh, innovative options.  Consumers have been able to purchase cookies via virtual cookie booths and drive thru contactless cookie stands.   

Now the entrepreneurial Girl Scouts have taken this approach a step farther, partnering with on-demand delivery platform Door Dash.  Consumers can visit or use the Door Dash app to purchase their favorite sweets. 

In addition, consumers can text COOKIES to 59618 to receive information on Girl Scout Cookies and receive news updates. 

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Defense Production Act to Jumpstart Domestic Mining and Production of Critical Minerals 

President Biden recently invoked the Defense Production Act to help jumpstart domestic mining and production of critical minerals required to manufacture the batteries used to power electric vehicles as well as for long term energy storage. 

Initiated in 1950 during the Korean War, the Defense Production Act (DPA) enables the president to use emergency authority to expand production, supply, and capacity as well as to produce larger orders of a specific product.  The recent directive issued by President Biden expands the list of items covered by the DPA to include critical minerals lithium, manganese, cobalt, graphite, and nickel.  This will enable producers to obtain federal funding and assistance, useful in funding feasibility studies, critical mining operations and improvements in productivity and safety modernization.   

As the United States pivots towards renewable energy and electric vehicles, it must be assured that the nation will not be dependent on foreign nations for the supply of rare earth minerals and other components needed to make batteries and energy storage devices. 

Currently, the U.S. sources approximately 90% of the lithium it uses from Argentina and Chile.  China refines 80% of the world’s cobalt and 60% of the world’s lithium, both essential for electric vehicles. 

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Russian Sanctions Hit the Cloud Like a Brick Wall 

Data storage in Russia is quickly reaching a crisis point.  As sanctions have taken hold and Western companies, including cloud storage providers, have exited Russia, the country is now facing significant limitations on its cloud storage capabilities. 

At this point, there is only enough cloud storage space to last two months.  Russia has been unable to purchase new equipment as most companies have stopped selling in country and in many cases, did not release equipment purchased before the imposition of sanctions. 

The Russian government is evaluating multiple options but has yet to find an acceptable solution. 

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