An Introduction to the Florida Supply Chain

Florida’s Supply Chain Logistics Industry Continues to Expand

The Big Story:  the Inaugural Florida Supply Chain Summit is Coming this February

As the third largest state and the 19th largest economy in the world, Florida population growth equates to even more consumers and online shoppers.  Combined with the geographic position as the gateway to Latin America and the Caribbean, the Florida supply chain logistics industry is booming. Florida has 15 deepwater seaports and 20 commercial airports available to help connect with and service global markets.  Florida also boasts an extensive network of transportation companies, logistics operations, 3PLs, warehouses, distribution centers and other supply chain businesses.  With critical infrastructure, a readied supply chain logistics workforce and a business-friendly state economy, Florida is strategically positioned and ready to do business in the global economy.

The state of Florida boasts an extensive multi-modal transportation system, including substantial highway and rail networks, inland ports, international airports and deepwater shipping ports.  In addition, Florida has the added benefit of having multiple hubs for high-speed data transmission to connect to countries such as Mexico, Brazil and other Central and South American countries. 

As part of this data transmission infrastructure, Florida has nearly 10 submarine cable landing points with connect Latin America, Europe and the Caribbean, making it more connected to the world than any state on the east coast of the U.S.

Florida is focused on supply chain technology.  Did you know that Florida is one of the few states that is already road testing long haul robotic trucks?  In other supply chain news, Florida Polytechnic University formed a partnership with Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) to develop a leading edge transportation SunTrax test facility in Polk County in Central Florida.  

Educational jewels across Florida including Florida colleges and universities and the Florida High Tech Corridor are leading the way in the development, extension and usage of innovative supply chain technology including agritechnology, artificial intelligence, autonomous vehicles, blockchain, robotics, 3D printing and much more.  Florida is also highly focused on cybersecurity, leading the way to more secure supply chain operations in today’s increasingly digital world.

Rocket fuel for the strong economy, Florida population growth remains markedly strong.  Experts estimate that Florida is responsible for 5 percent of the U.S. economy and creates 10 percent of American new jobs.  The Florida climate for business is favorable.  With the state’s favorable business tax structure and streamlined regulatory environment, companies find Florida a desirable location for corporate headquarters, manufacturing facilities, supply chain operations, research and development facilities and much more.  In addition, there is no state income tax in Florida.

Florida is known for transportation and logistics largely due to its strategic geographic location and infrastructure.  As the only state with seaport access in both the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico, Florida provides the means for cost-effective access to both the Caribbean and South America.  More than $2 billion was invested in Florida seaport infrastructure in order to improve the efficiency of cargo and passenger movement in and out of the state.  This port infrastructure investment will boost the Florida supply chain logistics industry by enabling handling of larger post-Panamax cargo vessels through the expanded Panama Canal and Suez Canal.

Known for more than Florida tourism and retirement destinations, Florida economic development efforts have been robust, attracting top corporate headquarters, financial and accounting and information technology businesses and much more.  According to experts at Enterprise Florida, some of the top industries in Florida are:

    At the heart of a thriving economy is Florida’s burgeoning supply chain logistics industry.  Flush with transportation companies, third party logistics providers, manufacturers, pharmaceutical, aviation and aerospace companies, Florida state is exploding with new business opportunities and supply chain solutions expansion.  More than a service economy of previous years, Florida’s infrastructure and supply chain network are critical to satisfying millions of consumers who rely on online shopping and last mile logistics for more than just holiday season purchases.

    A key player in the global economy, Florida is grooming the next generation of supply chain logistics professionals across the state.  Whether Florida students focus on supply chain programs in business school, or learn on the job via supply chain internships, the supply chain career path is a lucrative one in the state of Florida.  Supply chain certification programs are also offered across the state of Florida.

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