The Friday Report Blog: July 22nd, 2022

Quick wrap up of a few hot topic newsworthy stories in the supply chain logistics industry

Singapore Launches $14 Billion Mega-Port Project

Singapore has announced that one of the busiest ports in the world will receive an upgrade to help unravel a congested global supply chain. The project is set to build the worlds largest automated port by 2040 and is projected to cost $14 billion. The smart port will double the space of the existing port to 65 million TEU and be equipped with drones, driverless vehicles, and other automated technology.

The port is the world’s biggest trans-shipment hub and handled the most trans-shipped cargo in the world in 2020 with a record 37.5 million containers. The City-State asserts that the global pandemic has the just-in-time system to the brink of breaking and since, the nature of global supply chains has changed. The changes have created a need for ports to increase their speed and capacity to handle cargo.

Singapore says that the end-goal of the port upgrades is to make it more efficient for cargo ships to carry out their tasks. The port will offer automated solutions for banking, refueling, unloading, and storing that will simplify processes.

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USDA Announces Framework to Transform Food Supply Chain

The U.S. Department of Agriculture has announced a new framework that will promote the transformation of the nation’s food supply chain. This agenda will benefit consumers and producers by offering more food options, improving food access, and enhancing markets for small and mid-size food merchants.

This Food System Transformation Framework builds on the U.S. governments pledge to strengthen supply chains amid the pandemic and the Ukraine war. The USDA is focused on increasing and improving food production, food processing, and food distribution. This begins by increasing options for American farmers to process locally, sell locally, and adopt sustainable business and climate practices. Forthcoming investments include $300 million in the Organic Transition Initiative and $75 million to support urban agriculture.

USDA has already made investments in improving and developing new food processing facilities in several regions throughout the nation. These investments will support the middle of the supply chain, such as warehousing and workforce development.

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Supply Chain Congestion Delays Harrods Renowned Summer Sale

Harrods has announced that it has delayed its summer sale due to their new fashions being held up by global supply chain disruptions. Between the Ukraine war, Chinese port closures, and labor shortages in the UK, Harrod’s says that they are at least 3 weeks behind schedule.

The British Chamber of Commerce in China recently cautioned that new COVID-19 restrictions would continue to have a negative impact on British companies located in the country. A survey of over 600-members found that 74% of companies were affected by measures related to COVID-19, with 50% postponing scheduled investments.

Despite these issues and rising global inflation, the luxury clothier has stated that the demand for their goods in the Middle East, America, and Europe has increased.

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