How to Save By Using Scale Ticket, Transload & Inventory Management Software For Mining, Aggregate, Recycling, Grain, Rock, Sand, Gravel, Bulk Products and More

• Automated processes increase efficiency and productivity
• Developed to handle bulk product inventory to save time and labor
• Provide real time data for immediate decision making
• Enables automated capture of information to increase information accuracy
• System provides the means for detailed tracking of information
• Enables document storage including photos, videos, inspections, certificates &more
• Create customizable reports to meet business needs

How Can Scale Ticket Software Tools Benefit Your Business?
• weigh truck or rail car data automatically added to inventory management system How Scale Ticket Works
• Automates ticketing process and is integrated with inventory& warehouse management software to create a seamless operation
• Scale ticket information can be used for billing
• Eliminates the problem of handwriting errors,misplaced digits & handwriting recognition challenges • Produces scale tickets and automatically enters inventory data automatically into the inventory management system • Automating the scale ticket process results in greater time and labor savings and improves data accuracy Why Is Scale Ticket Useful?

What Information is on a Scale Ticket? Tabbed to allow more information to be captured on a single screen
• Register individual transports and identify each with a unique number
• Provides a unique identifier for each scale ticket transaction &transport
• Selection of a pre-registered transport automatically populates carrier name,tare weight and other data elements
• Master file of transports with associated attributes is maintained in the database and can be selected via a drop down menu • System integrates with truck scales, loader scales, remote printers, RFID readers, cameras and more
• The system includes built in production reports: by location, day,product, carrier or any combination.

What Information is on a Scale Ticket?

Entering Inbound and Outbound Info All on One Window Eliminates Errors and Saves Time Transload/Crossdock

Transload/Crossdock Features
• Multiple tabs on one window enables fast, easy accurate access to information
• Track carrier and broker name,reference numbers associated to inbound &outbound
• Records information such as date promised, date needed, actual pick update, dock date &completed date of shipment can be recorded on Planning tab
• Store country of origin, port of origin, port of discharge, vessel name&reference, steamship line on Import/Export tab
• Use User Defined Fields to capture valuable data
• Record documentation on such issues as incoming damaged product including images, video and more
• Capture accessorial charges, print labels and much more

Bulk Product Inventory Management Features
• Scale ticket management system
• Transload/crossdock
• Canbe integrated to accounting, ERP, material handling, TMS and other systems
• Workflow based business processes
• Configurable reporting
• Document &file storage
• Electronic signature capture
• Real time data availability
• Eliminates manual processes
• Integrates with critical peripherals such as remote printers, RFID readers, mobile computers and much more
• User friendly system
• Can add user defined fields
• Automatic notifications and alerts
• Yard management functionality • Containerization and yard location

For What Types of Inventory Can This Be Used?
• Rock &gravel,
• sand and soil
• Aggregate
• Concrete
• Recycling
• Asphalt
• Grain
• Feed
• Fertilizer
• Scrap
• Timber
• Mining
• Minerals

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