In 2015 retailers are adapting their supply chains to more efficiently and effectively meet customer needs. Some of these changes occur in their distribution and order fulfillment strategies. Retailers are making these changes because consumer expectations continue to increase which further increases competition in the market. To capture market share retailers must now follow a more “customer centric” strategy. This customer centric strategy is driving two major changes in retail fulfillment.

First, retailers are now providing “click and collect” to customers. In this offering customers can place orders online and pick up their merchandise and a pre-determined location. This strategy helps to reduce wait time for order delivery and allows customers to take advantage of special online promotions they would not receive otherwise. Click and collect is being offered in areas including electronics, clothing and even groceries.

Secondly, many retailers have made the move to expand their distribution networks to include logistics providers and company-owned distribution centers in strategic geographical locations. By expanding their networks, retailers are able to offer faster delivery times down to the expected two-day and, in some cases, same day delivery.

Many retails are using technology to assist in the advancement of their distribution strategies. The top tool retailers are utilizing is functionally robust warehouse management software (WMS). By integrating the WMS with shipping rate shopping technology, transportation management software (TMS) and eCommerce platforms retailers are able to more closely monitor and track inventory and orders to more efficiently service end consumers.

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