Businesses around the country and the world need solutions for identifying “human inventory” such as hospital patients, amusement park attendees and much more. To track these people efficiently and effectively the proper technology must be in place. TSC Printers has developed a compact, efficient wristband printer. This device is the TDP-324W. The TDP-324W wristband printer features industry leading high resolution printing, wristband roll flexibility, customizable with built in flash card reader, front LCD display and downtime keyboard interface. This Cerner certified wristband printer is a top contender for your healthcare, entertainment, or emergency response operation. In the healthcare field the TDP-324W is used for patient ID tracking, hospital admission processing and in hospital nurseries. Many entertainment/hospitality businesses such as amusement parks, water parks and night clubs use this wristband printer for attendee tracking and ticketing. The government/emergency industry has a much wider range of use for the TDP-324W including inmate tracking, emergency triage tracking, crowd control, animal identification and for monitoring restricted access areas.

All of these business types enjoy the benefits of implementing a device such as the TDP-324W. The low upfront cost, high customizability and reliability makes it a perfect choice for any operation dealing with precious human tracking. For more information on wristband printers please contact Datex today. Datex is an industry leading logistics and supply chain solutions provider, supplying a wide range of industries with the necessary software, hardware and service combination to effectively manage their business.


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