On September 15, 2015 hardware solutions provider Zebra Technologies is releasing their latest enterprise-grade tablet the ET50/55. This tablet provides industry leading functionality and durability to keep your workforce mobile in the field.

Zebra Technologies designed the ET50/55 tablet to marry the style and ease-of-use of consumer devices with the flexibility, features and functionality that can easily meet enterprise business needs. Paired with the vast array of available supporting accessories the ET50/55 tablet can be customized to meet a variety of business needs.

Users have the option of both Android and Windows operating systems, allowing the tablet to better fit into your existing technology portfolio. Zebra has designed two display size options to better fit your desired business applications. With superior wifi and 4G LTE connectivity the ET50/55 tablet provides your field service agents with continuous data accessibility anywhere in the world.

As a true cross-functional device the ET50/55 can capture multiple data source types including 1D and 2D barcodes, photos, videos, signatures and full documents. This will help to improve your business’ record keeping capabilities and reduce paper-based data collection requirements. Zebra also built in a powerful, user-swappable battery pack to keep your staff in the field during critical operating hours. The rugged construction form factor also helps to extend the life of your device while reducing costly device downtime and repair fees.

All of these powerful features allows the ET50 series tablet to be used in a variety of industries including field service and sales, transportation, retail, warehousing and distribution, manufacturing and government for a variety of tasks including, but not limited to: work order management, asset tracking, signature capture, inventory management, routing and scheduling, mobile POS, returns processing, quality inspection and much more.

If your business would benefit from the industry leading Zebra ET50/55 tablet contact Datex hardware solutions experts today at 727.571.4159 ext 251, marketing@datexcorp.com or www.datexcorp.com.


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