Microsoft-based WMS software developer Datex recently debuted new 3PL WMS billing functionality designed to make billing faster, easier and more customizable for third party logistics providers.

One trend encountered in the third party logistics industry is the need to be able to split costs. Many 3PLs have been asked to prepare invoices showing that costs are split between different entities, including internal departments. Datex 3PL WMS billing enables users to easily split a charge between different projects and accounts without the need for workarounds.

A second enhancement involves 3PL billing customization. Because the third party logistics industry deals with a highly diverse range of commodities and requires flexibility in accommodating its customers regarding complex and unusual contract terms, Datex has added new functionality that enables greater customization of billing. Datex query functionality has been incorporated within the 3PL WMS billing module to enable users to be able to use any data element from any table or entity within the warehouse management system as an attribute or parameter in a billing strategy. Ideal for complicated or uncommon billing strategies, this eliminates the need for tags and user defined fields and creates a more user friendly process.

In addition, Datex Footprint® WMS 3PL billing now makes it easier for third party logistics providers to charge for fuel surcharges, overtime fees-any kind of charge on a percentage or rate basis. The Datex 3PL WMS billing system has also made it easier to create multi-year contracts, with or without rate increases. “We have been told by people in the 3PL industry how frustrating it has been for them to deal with warehouse management systems that were unable to create multi-year contracts, especially with annual increases. We recently enhanced our 3PL WMS billing capabilities to streamline this process. Many times, I have been told by 3PLs that their customer contracts had expired and they were still picking and receiving product but their WMS was not doing any billing. The Datex 3PL Billing System makes it easier than ever to customize billing, create multi-year contracts, capture billing elements and split costs,” said Michael Armanious, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Datex.

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