Multi – channel retail provides consumers with a variety of platforms or channels to facilitate the sale of products including mobile, eCommerce and wholesale. These platforms operate as separate entities which can cause issues in the retail environment of the 21st century.

As the retail industry evolved in line with technology, multi-channel retailing evolved into Omni channel retailing. The concepts are both very similar, but in the Omni channel strategy all of the retail channels that exist in multi – channel, work together simultaneously to create an engaging customer experience.

The multi – channel retailing strategy is that where each retail channel is siloed, acting as separate entities. This many times causes information to be disjointed across channels which degrades company branding. When information is shared and branded consistently across all channels, an omni channel strategy appears. Consistent information sharing across channels make the shopping experience easier for consumers and can significantly increase brand loyalty in turn.

Consumers are now performing extensive research before making a buying decision and are doing this via mobile, online and in store channels. To effectively manage the customer experience, retailers and their vendors now need to be able to integrate these retail channels to ensure a consistent branding experience regardless of what channels are utilized by the customers.

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