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General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT)
A multilateral trade agreement aimed at expanding international trade as a means of raising world welfare.
General-Merchandise Warehouse
A warehouse used to store goods that are readily handled, are packaged, and do not require a controlled environment.
General Order (GO)
A customs term referring to a warehouse where merchandise not entered within five working days after the carrier’s arrival is stored at the risk and expense of the importer.
GTIN (Global Trade Item Number)
All-numeric system for assigning globally unique codes to trade items (products and services). GTIN includes UPC, ISBN, and NDC.
1) Common term indicating movable property, merchandise, or wares
2) All materials which are used to satisfy demands.
3) Whole or part of the cargo received from the shipper, including any equipment supplied by the shipper.
Goods Receipt
This is where the warehouse confirms that the products have been received from a supplier, as per an issued purchase order and are put into stock. On receipt, products may be checked against a packing list or ASN, go through QA, are labeled and put away in bin or shelf location.
Government Bill of Lading (GB/L)
The bill of lading used for shipments made by U.S. Government agencies.
Grandfather Clause
A provision that enabled motor carriers engaged in lawful trucking operations before the passage of the Motor Carrier Act of 1935 to secure common carrier authority w/o proving public convenience and necessity; a similar provision exists for other modes.
Granger Laws
State laws passed before 1870 in Midwestern states to control rail transportation.
Great Lakes Carriers
Water carriers that operate on the five Great Lakes.
Gross Margin
The difference between total revenue and the cost-of-goods sold.
Gross Weight
The total weight of the vehicle and the payload of freight or passengers.
Group logic
methods used to manage inventory based on groups of items rather than single items
European Guidelines for Trade Data Interchange.
Global Tracking Identification Number or Global Trade Item Number. GTIN is the globally-unique EAN.UCC System identification number, or key, used for trade items (products and services). It’s used for uniquely identifying trade items (products and services) sold, delivered, warehoused, and billed throughout the retail and commercial distribution channels. Unlike a UPC number, which only provides information specific to a group of products, the GTIN gives each product its own specific identifying number, giving greater accuracy in tracking.

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