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ANSI ASC X12 EDI Transactions

  Order & Financial Series 180 – Return Merchandise Authorization and Notification Used by retailers to request return authorization for products and by suppliers to authorize return or disposition of product 810 (INVOIC) – Invoice Provides...

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EDI Transactions Infographic

ANSI ASC X12 EDI Transactions for supply chain and transportation logistics. This infographic includes transactions broken down into categories such as order and financial series, transportation air and motor series (TAM), Transportation Ocean Series...

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EDI & APIs: Data Interchange in the Supply Chain

  Today, supply chain operations must move faster than ever before, largely due to the deluge of individual consumer orders that must be processed from online shoppers.  Operational and order processing speed can provide a competitive advantage and affect the...

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How to Select Your Best EDI Vendor

Prior to selecting your EDI vendor, it is critical to define the scope of your project so that you fully understand your supply chain business’ needs, both now and in the future....

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EDI Dictionary & Terminology

In this easy-to-follow EDI Dictionary, you can view the most commonly used EDI terms and concepts. Reference this guide when generating RFP questions or when viewing vendor websites....

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What is EDI and How Does it Work?

EDI was a technology developed over 30 years ago, but the usefulness was not discovered by supply chain and logistics businesses until much later. Communicating with customers and...

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Infographic- Why Choose EDI?

Many supply chain operations are opting toward eliminating communication methods of the past such as fax, email and mail for placing orders, sending invoices and much more. This is where electronic data interchange (EDI) comes in. As more and more tasks are outsourced...

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Reduce Costs with EDI

EDI provides many benefits to businesses that choose to implement this technology. One of the foremost reasons businesses choose EDI is for the significant cost savings. Costs throughout the...

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EDI Integration – FAQ About EDI

Frequently Asked Questions about EDI. What are the main questions that 3PL providers and warehouse owners ask when looking for EDI integration and EDI implementation? Join Datex Corporations resident EDI consultants Bryan Batchelder and Mark Urban as they discuss...

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