Frequently Asked Questions about EDI. What are the main questions that 3PL providers and warehouse owners ask when looking for EDI integration and EDI implementation? Join Datex Corporations resident EDI consultants Bryan Batchelder and Mark Urban as they discuss common questions that they answer when 3PL related businesses ask them about EDI implementation. They answer: 0:28 Common customer questions about EDI implementation. 0:35 How quickly can an edi implementation get done? Depends on your requirement… infrastructure, your IT support etc. What you can do to make it quicker. 2:00 How much does an edi implementation cost? Is it a standard implementation? 2:30 How secure is edi? 3:00 Data backup and recovery/ disaster implementation The triple persistence system used at Datex 4:15 What is AS2 used in EDI? en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electronic_data_interchange

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