The omni-channel supply chain is a complex, ever-evolving business unit. Retailers of all sizes struggle to maintain their base of loyal customers. This is because 81% of retailers surveyed reported that their supply chain was not prepared for the implementation of omni-channel retail strategies. Despite being ill prepared, many retailers began offering omni-channel services because it is what customers expect. If executed properly this strategy can help to capture additional market share and further build customer loyalty.

Retailers have started focusing on the last mile delivery portion of their omni-channel supply chain because this is the last direct contact with customers and often leaves the largest impression – hopefully a positive one. This makes last mile delivery the most critical stage of the supply chain. LMD poses a significant challenge for retailers due to the cost to own and operate a personal delivery fleet. This forces many retailers to work with a variety of the 4,000+ transportation providers nationwide. Many of these local and regional carriers utilize their own proprietary software solutions to manage their day-to-day operations, adding another layer of complexity to the retail supply chain. This typically leaves retailers with a very fragmented view of the audit trail, making it more difficult to share this information with curious customers.

In an effort to better serve customers retailers have started sending post delivery surveys to collect much needed feedback on customer satisfaction. This data should be collected and managed in one centralized system such as a warehouse management system where the data can be easily viewed and used for critical decision making. If evaluating new WMS software for this purpose look for a solution that is accessible anywhere and on any device, integrated with carrier partner software and equipped with relationship management capabilities.

Retail businesses focusing on the success of last mile delivery services have also started to consider alternative delivery services. Omni-channel retailing is complex due to the variety of demands from consumers. There is no one size fits all solution so retailers must be creative in their service offerings.

Your last mile delivery services should provide a long-lasting positive perception of your business. Focus on the quality of your service by constantly collecting data, monitoring performance and making changes. To learn more about how last mile delivery can provide your retail operation with competitive advantage contact Datex experts today at or 800.933.2839.


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