Zebra Technologies has announced the end of support for the popular family of MC9190 mobile computers. As a replacement Zebra has developed the MC9200. The MC9200 mobile computer was designed with the end user in mind, with all of the most desirable features of functionality from the MC9000 family.The product transition plan gives users time to transition to this new and improved device.

The Zebra Technologies MC9200 was designed with a rugged, industrial-grade preform for use in tough environments. Along with extreme heat and cold, the device can handle significant jarring and drops onto concrete with little to no damage. This rugged design will help your business to reduce repair costs associated to wear and tear and prevent excessive device down time.

Many organizations are now also utilizing advanced technologies such as WMS and ERP systems. Many older devices were not designed to support applications of this size and system lag is a common occurrence. The MC9200 was built with a powerful processor and extra storage capacity to run these larger applications or multiple small applications simultaneously. These increased speeds allow staff to work more efficiently, potentially increasing profits. These benefits, along with many others, make the MC9200 an attractive alternative to many existing mobile computers.

As a trusted partner and reseller of Zebra Technologies, Datex Corporation is your one stop shop for supply chain technology solutions. If you would like to learn more about the MC9200 mobile computer, additional mobility solutions available or the transition plan for the MC9190 contact Datex hardware solutions experts today at 800.933.2839 or marketing@datexcorp.com.


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