As the cost of doing business continues to increase, many businesses are looking for ways to cut costs and improve efficiency. As technology is a key player in your operational equation, it is essential that you choose tools that meet your business requirements that also assist in making the improvements you desire. TSC Printers has recently released a new thermal printing solution, the TTP-2410M Pro Series printer. This thermal transfer printer was designed to meet the strict requirements of both healthcare providers and industrial businesses. The primary benefit seen with the TTP-2410M Pro is a significant increase in inventory processing speeds. This is due to a multitude of improved features. These features include:
  • Durable die-cast aluminum outer casing – this structurally sound outer casing handles daily wear and tear more effectively than other thermal printing options and reduces the costs associated with device repair and lost productivity due to inoperability
  • High resolution printing capabilities – allows businesses to use one printer for multiple uses, including both large and small labeling needs. This can help businesses to reduce technology costs.
  • Increased print processing speed – businesses may see reduced inventory processing time which can, in turn, increase handling efficiency
  • High ribbon capacity – can reduce the time operators spend replacing ribbons, allowing them to perform new tasks
  • Large memory capacity – allows your business to create custom labels with personal fonts and graphics stored within the printer
  • Two Year Warranty – helps to reduce costs associated with device repair and maintenance
To learn more about the TSC TTP-2410M Pro or other transfer thermal printing solutions, contact Datex today at 800.933.2839 or visit the website

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