Many supply chain operations do not have the technical capabilities to meet everyday supply chain traceability needs. Members at every stage of the supply chain need to be able to complete fast, accurate product recalls, identify counterfeit or contaminated products and comply with governmental regulations. Datex’s warehouse management software focuses on helping supply chain businesses optimizing inventory track and trace using a combination of industry specific hardware and software to meet your business specific needs. Datex FootPrint WMS includes powerful track and trace functionality that tracks all the way to the manufacturing component level. This feature allows users to facilitate accurate and targeted product recalls. The Datex WMS system also creates a full, detailed audit trail to show all activity data giving warehouse staff full visibility into inventory details for faster business-critical decision making. This also helps customers to fulfill the regulatory requirements for legislation including FDA FSMA, FDA DSCSA and LBMA Good Delivery Rules. In addition to the detailed audit trail FootPrint WMS users can also attach a variety of document types including Excel, Word, PDF, images, video and signature files. This will provide an added layer of detail into the already complete audit trail provided. In addition to an industry leading warehouse management system, Datex also provides a variety of supplementary supply chain services to ensure business continuity, data accuracy and process optimization. These services include electronic data interchange (EDI), business operations analysis, hardware site survey and mobile device management (MDM). Datex is also an authorized reseller of supply chain RFID devices and barcode scanning solutions to ensure a seamless inventory management experience across your enterprise. To learn more about available inventory management solutions contact Datex experts today.

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