Streamline Your Operations with Our Cutting-Edge WMS

Footprint Features:

– Inventory Visibility
– Order Management
– Inventory Tracking

The Ultimate Warehouse Management Solution for 3PL Providers

Footprint Features:

– Multi-Client Support
– Multi-Channel Integration
– RFID and Barcode Support

Datex Footprint: Your Ultimate Cold Storage Warehouse Solution

Footprint Features:

– Temperature Monitoring and Control
– Lot and Batch Tracking
– Expiration Datex Management

Elevating Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Management with our WMS

Footprint Features:

– Serial Number Tracking
– Compliance Documentation
– Security and Access Control

Where to Find Datex in 2024


• March 11- 14, 2024
•Atlanta, Georgia
• Booth #C7897
Where to Find Datex in 2024

Datex User Conference

• April 23-26, 2024
• Orlando, Florida
Datex Values and Cultivates Its Partnerships with Its 3PL Clients

We chose Datex Footprint WMS because of its flexibility, and it had the functionality that we needed.  We felt we would get better communications, better partnership with Datex than with a bigger WMS vendor.  For me personally, what I value most is being able to talk to the same group of people. We’ve been speaking with the same group of people for the last ten years and that speaks volumes. They know and understand our business.

Shamila Mustafa

Vice President-Information Technology, Universal Warehouse

Using Datex WMS Ensures 3PLs Can Satisfy Customers’ Needs

Being able to track inventory as it comes in and tracking inventory as it leaves our warehouse and being able to report that back to the customer in real time is very valuable. Again, that real time component is something that every customer, when we say those words, their ears perk up.

We need that visibility, being able to report to the client exactly what’s been going on such as the movements that have been happening in the warehouse where their inventory is going, inside the warehouse or inside and out. Reporting is very valuable to us.  We track lot numbers and products that are going into a component or into a material and then where it’s going from there. Having that level of detail and visibility is very valuable to our clients as well as the necessary flexibility and customization ability.

Irina Salamakha

Senior Product Owner, Crane Worldwide Logistics

How is Datex Footprint 3PL WMS Different?

Strategically focused on solving 3PL challenges across multiple verticals
Sophisticated billing engine designed to capture services performed by 3PLs
  • Handles any configuration without creating workarounds or customizations that could break in an upgrade
  • Prevents revenue leakage
Multiple package level serialization and inventory aggregation
  •  Including identification by:

    • Genealogy

    •  Lot/batch

    • Serial number

    • Unit of measure

    •  Disposition

    • Historical activity trace

Proprietary unified SaaS platform developed for 3PLs
  • Facilitates quick, agile implementation methodology
Maintains inventory across multiple owners, divisions, departments, and types enabling quick transfer from one owner to another

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