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Designed to be easy to learn, use and master, Datex Footprint® WMS includes robust functionality that can be harnessed to power changes to the software without the necessity for costly, time consuming source code changes.  In addition, Datex warehouse management software includes features such as a 3PL billing wizard and customer portal developed to help expedite customer onboarding and reduce the need for 3PL customer service intervention.

Satisfy every 3PL client

Datex Footprint® WMS was developed to enable clients to make changes to the WMS without intervention by the software vendor.  Following training, your company’s technical resources will be able to customize operational processes by configuring the workflows that power the system.

Invoices and billing, contracts, reports, dashboards and operational processes can be customized to meet the specific needs of each of your clients, all at a fraction of the time and cost of other warehouse management systems.

Use queries with workflow to customize processes

By integrating a rules engine on top of query builder, Datex has provided software users with the ability to easily customize processes, incorporating an unlimited number of conditions and actions without the need for costly source code changes.

Drag and drop reports into any format

Costly software development work has already been done to create data cubes and data models and to determine which tables need to be joined together to normalize the joins so that information is not duplicated.  Now Datex software users can simply click on the kind of report they want to create and drag and drop fields into the desired placement, saving valuable time and money.

Easy to use customer portal reduces customer service time

So easy to use, the Datex customer portal can be set up quickly and customized for every client to use. Your 3PL clients will love having access to real time information and the ability to “do it themselves”.

Onboard new customers faster

Datex provides an easy-to-use 3PL billing wizard to expedite set up so you can start generating revenue more rapidly.

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