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Clearwater, Florida (August 28, 2014)-Enhancements to Datex software now ensure LBMA Good Delivery compliance standards. Recognized throughout the world, LBMA Good Delivery standards provide requirements to ensure high standards for bullion.  The LBMA Good Delivery Rules include specifications for the acceptable fine ounce weight, physical appearance and purity.

Microsoft-based Datex software is highly flexible and configurable and includes specific features developed to meet industry specific needs for the handling and storage of precious metals and vault management.  LBMA Good Delivery compliance can be facilitated using Datex Vault Management software features such as:  tracing and storage of assay certification data; pro-active monitoring and random re-verification; cross-verified blind weighing and receiving in Troy ounces and fineness tracking.  Weight and dimension data tracking and LBMA Good Delivery product attribute tracking are also incorporated in Datex Vault Management software.

Using Microsoft Windows Workflow Foundation, Datex Vault Management software can be configured without making changes to code.  This enables faster onboarding of clients and customized business processes.  Datex software also aids in LBMA Good Delivery compliance by providing a complete audit trail, real time inventory tracking and the ability to manage documentation needed to meet Chain of Custody and Chain of Integrity requirements.  The vault management software includes the ability to manage and store photos, certifications, video and other means of documentation. To maximize revenue generation, Datex software includes a flexible billing system that can capture and bill for all accessorial charges such as specialized handling, assay tests, insurance and more. Using the Datex Vault Management system ensures more efficient, accurate and secure vault operations and provides real time data to make critical decisions as needed.

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In successful operation since 1978, Datex has helped companies operate more efficiently and productively using state-of-the-art Microsoft technology.  Known for developing highly flexible workflow based warehouse management software, Datex WMS is in use by 3PLs, warehousing, distribution, vault and manufacturing operations across the world.  Specialists in third party logistics operations and regulated inventory, Datex solutions are highly effective in providing labor and time savings and increased inventory visibility and tracking.  Datex solutions are available in web based or on premise editions. For more information on Datex software, hardware and services including EDI and mobile device management, please visit the Datex website

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