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Datex Holds Webinar “Top 10 Essential WMS Features for Cold Storage” on February 13, 2013

Clearwater, FL (January 31, 2012) Supply chain software developer Datex plans to hold a webinar entitled “Top 10 Essential WMS Features for Cold Storage” on Wednesday, February 13,, 2013 at 2 PM EST. The webinar will showcase information on key features found in warehouse management systems developed specifically for cold storage providers. Designed to provide basic information for both refrigerated warehouse operators and their clients, the presentation will detail features ranging from functionality designed to promote safe inventory storage under temperature controlled conditions to those which facilitate compliance with FDA 21 CFR Part 11.

The 30 minute webinar will provide technological solutions to challenging issues faced every day by those dealing with food, pharmaceutical and other inventory stored in cold storage facilities. The presentation will also be useful for manufacturers and cold storage warehouse clients as it will provide information on the WMS features that cold storage providers should have in order to provide the most effective services in safely storing temperature controlled goods. By selecting a cold storage provider that has a warehouse management system with this specific functionality, manufacturers and processors can ensure that their goods are stored, handled and managed properly and that the data they need to manage their inventory will be available in real time for critical decision making.

“Every day we hear from companies about issues involving proper refrigerated storage and handling of inventory. With the advent of the Food Safety Modernization Act and other regulatory issues, companies are concerned about having the best technological tools possible to manage inventory. While many warehouse, distribution and third party logistics (3PL) operations now use warehouse management systems, they do not all use systems developed for cold storage operations. Choosing a WMS developed for cold storage can have a definitive difference for both clients and operators” explained Michael Armanious, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Datex.

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Consistently recognized for excellence in software solutions for the supply chain industry including the Inbound Logistics Top 100 IT Providers and Food Logistics FL100 , Datex utilizes the highly flexible Microsoft .NET platform and powerful Microsoft Windows Workflow Foundation to create a variety of flexible supply chain software solutions to meet the changing needs of warehousing and logistics operations. With successful experience in third party logistics, cold storage, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, and perishables, Datex brings the value of state-of-the-art Microsoft technology and real world industry knowledge to help maximize business efficiency and increase potential revenue. In addition to its core business, Datex can provide managed services including mobile device management (MDM).


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