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For 42 years, Datex has provided technology to supply chain logistics businesses across the world. Because our clients service so many different industries in differing circumstances and geographic areas, Datex has invested in the resources, technology, infrastructure, training and operations needed to implement our warehouse management system and execute the services we are hired to provide.

All Datex, All the Time

Unlike other WMS software vendors, Datex does not use resellers or consultants to implement or sell our award-winning software.  Only Datex team members develop, support, sell, implement and provide the exclusive services and professional project management oversight involved with WMS software implementation projects.  This enables our company to simplify and streamline WMS software implementations.  No more finger pointing between different companies and resources.  Datex is one team and will speak and act with one voice to get the job done.

The Datex team includes specialists on software validation services, EDI, integrations, cloud and hosting environments as well as on Agile methodology, software development and all aspects of the Microsoft-based Datex warehouse management system.  Our team is empowered to collaborate freely with other team members to solve problems and leverage efficiencies so that we can provide your company with a WMS that meets your expectations and helps to facilitate your profitability.

Datex All Over the World

Datex team members work in multiple time zones across the world.  This provides our company with the added flexibility to extend our workday when needed, to incorporate additional team members to carry out time sensitive work and projects, especially important for clients which have worldwide operations.  Datex team members can and do work literally from anywhere.

Because we believe in extensive preparation, Datex resources are often cross trained in multiple roles and the execution of processes.  This effort provides a safeguard and multiple redundancy to prevent downtime or disruption during the implementation. 

With our multiple global offices and security protocols, Datex can provide our high standard of white glove concierge service and continued support, giving you peace of mind.

Your Profitability is our Priority

From experienced team members with years of specialized expertise to Agile methodology and top-notch software, Datex is focused on enhancing each client’s capabilities to be more competitive, efficient and productive.  By concentrating on leveraging our technology, advice and services, Datex helps each client to build a more profitable future.

Rest assured, Datex is capable and proficient at providing a quality WMS software implementation for your business.  Our team is ready, willing and able to work hand-in-hand with you to help ensure that your needs and expectations are met.

Datex Investment in Infrastructure and Technology Ensures Business Continuity

With our corporate location in hurricane-prone Florida, our company has learned many lessons regarding the need for advance preparation for potential business disruption.  In the past few years, Datex had made a substantial increased financial commitment to this effort including:

  • Initiated use of client-centric collaboration platform for implementation projects in SharePoint.
  • Transitioned to Microsoft 365 and Dynamics for enhanced sharing of project details, documentation and vital information
  • Began offering Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity service to Datex clients
  • Upgraded our infrastructure internally and using third party resources to provide system redundancy, top notch cloud with backup to bolster operations and ensure connectivity with our team members

How Datex Handles WMS Software Implementation Projects Remotely

The Datex team has years of experience in implementing WMS projects remotely.  A successful software implementation process depends upon timely, effective communication.  Using Microsoft Teams, virtual meetings have been held for years to facilitate WMS implementation projects.  This method has been determined to be effective and necessary to keeping projects on track.


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