“Hi I am John Gnewuch and I am the operations manager at Midwest Refrigerated Services in MacFarland, WI. Our facility is one of five located in the state of Wisconsin owned by Midwest Refrigerated. We also have a facility that we run that is located in Madison which is a mile and half from us. We presently have numerous clients. We’ve been using the Footprint system since September 15th of the year 2009. We have grown with the system and had many upgrades which have enhanced the operations at our facility. And every upgrade that we have has gone flawlessly and has increased the productivity of all of our employees. We have had a good working relationship with Datex since the day we started with them. Whenever we’ve had any types of problems or issues arise the helpline has always been successful in solving our issues in a very timely fashion. And the management team at Datex has worked with us to listen to our concerns and has improved anything that we have brought up. Granted, there’s always a time for human error, but when that does occur it is easily traced within the system because it records every action that a user does and we can easily go back, if there was a human error, trace it and correct it within a matter of minutes. Internally speaking the inventory control is, I want to say, an improvement. It is easier to find what we are looking for within the Footprint system. There’s many different functions for how we can do a search and whether we are going to do a lot search, an item search, a license plate search it’s only a couple clicks to enter the data and we will get the results. In our other system it wasn’t quite so easy to do. This system is very quick and efficient. The morale of our office staff and the warehouse is very good with them. They like all the enhancements that Datex has continually developed.”

John Gnewuch
Operations Manager
Midwest Refrigerated Services
Madison, WI USA


2329 Rue Guenette

Montreal, Quebec H4R 2E9


Ulitsa Frityof Nansen 37A

1142 Sofia Center, Sofia Bulgaria

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