“I am DeeDee Campbell and I have been with Midwest Refrigerated Services for about seven years now. I work in the office. It is an extremely busy office. We do a lot with Datex and Datex has been really great for our company. Prior to Datex we had another system that was extremely hard to work with. This is quite an upgrade, and extremely fast. The support is absolutely wonderful. Anytime that I have a question or anything that I need support gets to me right away. Datex has been very good for MRS. Anytime that we have an upgrade, it’s so simple and easy; we don’t even have to be trained on it it’s so easy and fast to learn. Prior to Datex we had another system that was very unfriendly (laughing) when we used it. A lot of manual things that we had to do say with a typewriter for bill of landings, inventory reports we had to do manually. With the Datex system now it is very, very fast and there is nothing manual in the Datex system. It is quite a change from what we had before. It’s extremely busy, extremely busy office. Datex, I don’t know what we would do with it right now handling our clients, say with the old system. There is no way we would be able to keep up now. It’s extremely high pressure. Clients want something and they want it right now and with Datex they are able to do that. Order entry, say with the old system, it would take me five to ten minutes to enter an order for any given client. Right now, at the most, it’s about thirty seconds that it takes me to enter an order. So it is very fast. I can do orders very quickly.”

Dee Dee Campbell
Operational Process Specialist
Midwest Refrigerated Services
Madison, WI USA

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