Testimonial from Colony Brands on Datex Corporation WMS and Manufacturing Software.

“During our selection process we had tier ones, tier twos in our swatch and we chose Datex as the solution for us. They fit our niche they fit our need. They provided system functionality that the others did not. Such as lot track and trace capabilities to go in anywhere in the lot track and trace pipeline and track both down into the base ingredients and across what other products that were used for as well as going up to the finish goods and what packages they went into it. The other groups could not do that. They could do a simple vertical line straight up or a vertical line straight down. They could not say what else this was and tier off and tree up like that Datex could.

Looking back and saying if Datex was the right choice I am very confident saying Datex was the right choice for our business. I am glad that we had moved that way and worked with Datex. Working with other vendors and we work with multiple WMS systems I can definitely say at this point. The one that I want to say, is more technical leading edge, more GUI graphic friendly, easier to use would be the Datex system.

We are comparing you to the top two out of the top three in the industry. Because we have worked with both the top two of the top three in the industry in other aspects of our business and those where brought up and asked if we could use this for our food area and the answer would be no. The capabilities would not be there that Datex provided. “

Jeff Antos
Manager of Operations Systems
Colony Brands
Madison, WI USA


2329 Rue Guenette

Montreal, Quebec H4R 2E9


Ulitsa Frityof Nansen 37A

1142 Sofia Center, Sofia Bulgaria

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