Make Footprint Your “YES” WMS

For Cold Storage Warehousing

3PL WMS for Cold Storage

  • Segregates inventory by owner
  • Perform, Bill, and Generate Revenue for all the Value-Added ServicesYour 3PL Provides​​
  • Tailors for each of your customers:
    • Labels
    • Invoices, billing and contracts
    • Operational processes

Datex Cold Storage 3PL WMS Helps to Reduce Costs and Create Efficient Operations for Cold Storage Warehouses

  • Automated data capture on handheld, forklift or wearable mobile computing devices
  • Dock door appointment scheduling helps refrigerated warehouses streamline receiving
  • Enterprise-wide information visibility enables quick action and responsive decision making
  • Scalable, ideal to support long-term business growth at a lower cost

Best 3PL Billing on the Market Today

Our highly flexible 3PL WMS solution can automatically produce and email invoices directly to your customers.  The 3PL WMS billing system is easy to use and can configure billing and rates without IT or developer assistance.

All charges are tracked automatically on a customer basis, making reporting simple for detailed review.  Charges are automatically system calculated for accuracy, eliminating costly mistakes, wasted time and embarrassment.

More Details
Sophisticated activity-based billing
  • Charge accessorial fees automatically from handheld mobile computer or desktop computer
  • Customizable, detailed billing of all value-added services such as
    • Blast freezing
    • Portioning
    • Shrink wrapping
    • Tempering
    • Portion packaging
    • Labeling
    • Custom pallet building

Here is a small sample of what our 3PL software billing system can handle:

  • Configurable workflow-based billing automates for amazing accuracy
  • Provided individual customer bill schedule for
    • Full or split month storage
    • Transactional billing
  • Can charge on a percentage or flat rate basis
  • Can base rate structures on unit type
  • Enables min/max rates based on weight
  • Item, receipt or total minimums
  • Handles volume or weight billing
  • Can bill for fuel surcharges or overtime fees
  • Handles conditional charges and fees
  • Can charge per transaction or per transaction line

Datex Customer Portal

Reduces CustomerService Costs and Improves CustomerSatisfaction Rates

In today’s fast paced, dynamic world, 3PL customers need instantaneous access to inventory, information and operations from anywhere at any time. Using HTML5, Datex has developed one of the most agile, user friendly web portals on the market today.

Adaptable for Any Customer or Brand

  • Personalize with customer logos
  • Tailor make menus, screens, views, reports and more
  • Use customer’s terminology to eliminate confusion
  • Role-based permissions prevent unauthorized access of information or systems

Manage Operations in Real Time

  • Input inbound or outbound orders
  • View inventory, lots and license plates
  • Assign shipments to a new or existing delivery
  • View individual shipments or lists of open shipments
  • Create or customize reports for better decision making

Customer Web Portal Facilitates Self-Serve Operations, Reducing Labor Costs

  • Easy to set up and administer customer web portal to
    • Manage inbound and outbound orders
    • View inventory, lots and license plates
    • Access 3PL billing and contracts
    • Access shipments
      • Assign shipments to existing or new delivery
      • Review list of open shipments or individual shipments
  • See across one warehouse or an entire enterprise of multi-warehouse operations
  • Can customize menus, views, screens and links
  • Enables use of bookmarks and tags to save time and simplify searches
  • Create or produce a customized report
    • Automate report delivery

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