Many facilities, regardless of business type, are always searching for new ways to increase productivity – boosting productivity means a better bottom line. One low-cost way many businesses are raising facility productivity is by implementing high capacity barcode printing solutions. Barcode printing increases productivity by increasing staff preparedness and reducing downtime waiting for printing. These barcode labels are applied during processes such as receiving, putaway, manufacturing, picking and much more. The TSC MS240 Barcode Printer is an industrial grade thermal transfer printer that was designed for high volume label printing operations. The benefits of the MX240 printer include:

  • reduced repair costs due to durable outer construction
  • versatility with high resolution thermal printing
  • reduced staff wait time with increased computer-to-printer communication speeds
  • lower required maintenance due to high volume ribbon capacity
  • increased efficiency with increased printing speed

The MX240 features a 4.3 inch color LCD display, heavy duty aluminum casing, 8 foot media roll capacity, high resolution printing capabilities and 2 built in USB ports for accessory connection. The MX240 barcode printer is most often used in the manufacturing, logistics, shipping and warehousing industries due to its rugged design and high volume processing capabilities. In these industries the MX240 is typically used for high volume printing, WIP labelling, compliance labelling, inventory management, shipping/receiving processes, asset management and small item labelling such as electronics or jewelry.

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