This week our warehouse tips are geared towards material handling policies, procedures and tools that can help your operation to gain efficiency and improve workforce productivity while reducing inventory shrinkage. These easy-to-implement solutions can make a significant financial impact on your warehouse or crossdocking operation so don’t miss out!

Tip #25: Dock Door Appointments Reduce Interruptions

Provide an accurate, efficient system to record arrival and departure times.  Make your warehouse “driver friendly” by installing a system that shows the updated dock door schedule with color coded status. This will make it less frustrating and user friendly for drivers to understand while waiting. Using a status-based color coded system will help to minimize questions and interruptions, making your team more productive.

Tip #26: Training Can Help Reduce Damages and Worker Injuries

Properly educating warehouse workers who handle receiving and delivery will pay off in the long run.  Make sure you train workers on how to use box cutters so that they can avoid scratches, rips, injury and costly product damage. Each box should have opening instructions shown on the outside specifying where to and not to cut in order to protect merchandise inside the package.

Tip #27: A Place for Everything and Plenty of Space for Forklifts

To prevent damages and reduce frustration and wasted time, make sure that crossdocks and warehouses have uncluttered, easy to maneuver aisles for forklift movement. Make sure that you consider various types of handling equipment when positioning inventory. Some types of product loads can be damaged if handled by the wrong kind of equipment. Training your workforce as to proper equipment use can help to reduce injuries and damaged products.

Tip #28: Use a Dimensioning System to Reduce Shipping Costs & Labor

Measuring parcel dimensions manually takes more time and is subject to error as compared to simply weighing a package on a conventional postal or shipping scale.

Need to speed up warehouse shipment processing and eliminate costly errors as well as the labor associated?  Try implementing a dimensioning system in your warehouse.  Sensing and imaging technology is used in order to calculate package dimensions to determine dim weight.

Using a dimensioning system can maximize your shipping process flow and reduce costly labor.  Some dimensioning systems can integrate with shipping software and scales to provide package weight and dimensions at the same time.


Tip #29: Advance Notice Keeps Your Operation at the Ready

If you are one of the many operations that still has not implemented advanced shipping notifications, your operation may be suffering from improper staffing at critical times and other inefficiencies. Delays and disruptions can occur randomly and rapidly, throwing your organization off its “regular” schedule. Using advanced shipping notifications within purchase orders and inventory management functions can help your business properly plan for labor needs. Having advance notice can help you to make sure that your operation has the time and workforce available when needed so that you can meet service requirements and keep costs down.

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