One of the newest features of one of our foremost supply chain solutions is the integration of scale tickets into Datex Footprint® WMS.
Used for both inbound and outbound processing of bulk materials, the system expedites processing of product by adding the inventory details directly into the warehouse management system.  The scale captures the vehicle weight, calculates the weight of the inventory and generates a scale ticket to record the data.  Information such as the carrier, trailer number, tractor number and other details can be captured.  The system includes the ability to add user defined fields (UDF) and supports up to eight decimal places.

In addition, the system can also record inventory weight and convert it to volume if the material density is known.  The new scale ticket function of Datex Footprint® WMS supports locations with multiple scales and provides a scale ticket report which includes a bar code for easy, accurate scanning.  Upon completion of the scale ticket, users receive the weighed materials directly into inventory and the storage location information is recorded automatically.

The new scale ticket feature of this warehouse management system allows for over receipt and has the ability to create accessorial charges against a related shipment.  The accessorial charges can then be billed and invoiced through Datex Footprint® WMS.  The system also has the ability to function as a standalone weigh station


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