Enterprise WMS

ideal for multi-warehouse, multi-location businesses.

Datex FootPrint® Enterprise WMS is ideal for organizations in need of a powerful solution that provides the visibility, functionality, scalability and flexibility critical to large enterprise business operations.

Enterprise Warehouse Management System

Datex uses Microsoft technology to give enterprises the ability to be more agile, competitive and flexible in meeting the dynamic world of business today.  Built on the Microsoft .NET platform, Datex FootPrint® WMS is ideal for multiple warehouses and multi-locations. It utilizes Microsoft SQL Server 2012 to enable the use of features such as EDI Integration Services that can simplify an otherwise complex integration with an outside system that is not using SQL as the database platform. With code optimized using object oriented programming, the Datex enterprise warehouse management system can now access pre-existing functions to create new functionality, allowing innovation to proceed more rapidly. To improve the ability to create customized reports using a diverse range of data, Datex FootPrint® WMS enterprise warehouse management uses Microsoft SQL Reporting Services.  Users can select from a wide array of standardized reports or create customized reports on the fly.  One of the latest innovations for the Datex warehouse management system is the use of Microsoft Windows Workflow Foundation to enable changes to business processes without costly changes to hard code.  Using the latest technology assures large enterprises of the stability, visibility and innovative functionality needed to ensure that multi-warehouse operations run smoothly

Workflow-Driven WMS Powers Flexible, Efficient Warehouse Operations

What is Workflow?

  • Workflow is a set of activities that is joined together to form a process that incorporates rules and business logic
  • Workflow depicts operational processes from start to finish, facilitating greater transparency and changes

The Datex Workflow-Based WMS Curbs Ongoing Costs & Ensures Flexible Operations

  • Workflow-driven systems are more flexible and less expensive to adapt than WMS that rely on static hard coding
  • Datex can train your IT resources to adapt workflows to enable you to make changes to your operations

Your Reports, Your Way


Customizable “Drag and Drop” Reporting Using Real Time Data

  • Select from our list of 70+ standardized reports or create your own
  • Create reports and dashboards on the fly by dragging and dropping fields into place in the Report Builder
  • Create graphs, charts, maps and diagrams
  • Users can view, manage and subscribe to reports for automatic delivery
  • Share reports and dashboards with other users or publish on the web portal


The Datex enterprise warehouse management system provides a central point of control over warehouse operations across multiple facilities in a diverse range of locations.

Easily integrate with:


Existing Infrastructures

Mobile Devices

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)

Material Handling Equipment


Datex FootPrint® WMS features advanced functionality associated with industry leading supply chain software solutions.  Our enterprise warehouse management system includes full Track and Trace by Lot, SKU, UPC, serial number, batch, vial, component and ingredient. FootPrint® was developed by Datex facilitates FDA 21CFR Part 11 compliance through full audit trail and electronic signature, essential for pharmaceutical, medical devices and other life sciences inventory.

Datex FootPrint® accommodates a wide range of inventory including bulk goods, precious metals, cheese and dairy to apparel, building supplies and pharmaceuticals. The WMS system incorporates innovative features that produce effective handling of goods across the spectrum including both dry and cold storage.

You Have Complete Control

Combined with other top notch functionality, Datex FootPrint® Enterprise Warehouse Management System now offers an optional leading edge Executive Dashboard with elegant Business Intelligence. This Executive Dashboard includes drill down detail to real time information.

Multi-Site Warehouse Management Capabilities

  • Multi-site receipts: system can receive against the same purchase order at multiple facilities
  • Inter-facility transfers; system can transfer stock from one DC to another on one application
  • Vendor order splitting; system can change an inbound purchase order and have stock delivered from multiple sites

Multiple Options

  • Multi-site inventory and order visibility
  • Multi commodity storage (accommodates multiple inventory types within same warehouse/facility)
  • Multi commodity distribution services
  • Multi-customer inventory management
  • Full support for inventory management in multiple locations (i.e. multiple warehouses, plants, sales offices, etc.)
  • Multi-currency
  • Multi-language
  • Multiple units of measure
  • Supports wireless devices from numerous manufacturers

Multi-Site Visibility:

  • Internal multi-site visibility: system provides full visibility of all inventory and orders in all facilities on one application
  • 3PL visibility:  system provides full visibility of inventory and orders in 3rd party sites
  • System provides global performance metrics to measure order fulfillment across the entire enterprise

Distributed Order Management:

  • Sales order splitting (split single sales order into smaller sub-orders to be filled from various DCs)
  • Order distribution based on inventory level
  • Order distribution based on delivery time
  • Order distribution based on aging stock

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