Cross Docking

Looking for a way to reduce labor costs in your warehouse or 3PL operation? Cross Docking may be the answer.

Step One:

Would Your Business Benefit from Cross Docking?

Use this free assessment checklist to see if your business could benefit from Cross Docking. It covers order and inventory management, operations, transportation and more.

Step Two:

Get your Facility Ready for Cross Docking

Download our free checklist to help you get your facility prepared for Cross Docking. This checklist includes facility set up and current physical assets, business processes & expectations as well as software and technology.

Cross docking can help your operation to:

  • Reduce the need for warehouse space
  • Eliminate picking and putaway
  • Reduce the time from production to the customer

Cross docking is often used by Big Box retailers, especially for specific product types such as:

  • Perishable goods that need quick shipment
  • Products that have already been pre-tagged (using barcode or RFID)
  • Pre-packaged customer orders from another warehouse or production facility
  • Promotional items
  • Newly launched products
  • Staple products that experience constant demand

Cross docking in Datex Footprint® WMS can help your business reduce time, labor and errors

  • Enter all data within one window without having to move to other screens
  • No need to have a data entry worker generate an outbound order once products have been received
  • Easy to synchronize receiving and shipping processes
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