Supply chain businesses continue to increase in complexity. Manual processes can no longer support these changing operations. Warehouse management system software is a necessary tool to manage these complex businesses. Using warehouse management software can help with inventory management tracking needs and may help to reduce costs, increase staff productivity and improve customer satisfaction. All of these factors are important to customer retention and finding new customers. Inventory management is critical to many supply chain operations as it allows your team to better analyze patterns in activity, both inside and outside of your facility. Paper-based inventory management does not facilitate the level of reporting needed to determine trends affecting your business. With this information your team can optimize inventory management efforts and facility layout. Using inventory management software also helps your business to better monitor inventory flow through rates. You will be able to better understand what inventory levels are most appropriate to both reduce inventory carrying costs and reduce out of stock instances. Supply chain businesses utilizing this type of technology typically see an average 7.5% decrease in out of stocks. Inventory management software can also help in improving the effectiveness of facility order fulfillment. With the real-time data availability created with the use of the software staff can pick, pack and ship orders in record time and with increased accuracy. 95.4% of businesses reported orders are delivered on time and complete when inventory control technology is used. Managing inventory with technology such as WMS can also help to improve benchmarking capabilities. With access to KPI data your team can compare against industry standards and make adjustments as needed. WMS also increases asset tracking capabilities and can help to reduce the amount of lost and damaged inventory within your facility. Performing activity such as cycle counts directed by the WMS your team can identify inventory loss patterns, leading to a faster issue resolution. The data collected using inventory control software also improves communication and decision making capabilities. This, along with the other areas of improvement, lead to a better customer experience and increased customer loyalty. To learn more about how inventory management can benefit your business contact Datex experts today.

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