April 26, 2020 (Clearwater, FL) Supply chain software developer Datex continues to add to its array of exclusive client services.  To supplement client IT departments, Datex provides database tuning services.  Over the course of time, many companies experience performance issues, sluggish applications, and slower transaction times and this can degrade operational performance.  Being able to operate consistently at a top level of performance can equate to improved workforce productivity and provide a competitive advantage in a crowded market.

The Datex database tuning service is executed by Datex employees who are Microsoft SQL Server experts.  The service helps Datex clients to reduce ongoing IT costs and decrease the number of user complaints and support tickets.  System outages can be decreased or eliminated.  By enhancing database capabilities, the database tuning service helps to boost labor productivity and enhance uptime.

Datex experts conduct a variety of tasks to fine tune the database so that indexes and queries are better able to efficiently work with data.  The service troubleshoots performance issues that can slow down operational processes and plague performance.

“Datex clients love the database tuning service. Some of our clients lack a full IT department, or their IT team may not have the expertise or be able to devote the time and effort to database tuning.  When it comes to performance, seconds of delay or outages translates into big dollars when it comes to labor and operational costs” explained Andy Armanious, Vice President of Development for Datex.

The Datex Database Tuning Service is available as a monthly subscription, a la carte or one-time service.


About Datex

For over 42 years, Datex has helped supply chain businesses to operate more efficiently and productively using cutting edge technology.  As a Microsoft Gold level partner for Software Application Development, Datex is considered to be in the top 1% of the 640,000 Microsoft partners worldwide.   For more information on Datex warehouse management software, hardware and managed services, please visit the Datex website https://www.datexcorp.com/.


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