Welcome to our preview of warehouse distribution software and our 3pl Footprint® system for the retail distribution market. So as you may or may not know we do a lot of distribution with companies that deal with the major retailers and we handle all forms of EDI documents from 850, 855, 810, the 900 series so we’re going to take a look today and kind of show you how we can streamline some of those unique operations. So one of the things the system allows is the capability of setting up your unique labels for each one of your customers so you see C128’s your MH10 labels. We also have the capability of creating master orders within the application so sometimes you may have a large 850 coming in, it’s an order — a blanket order and you have to send it to a distribution center and from there it’s going to the individual stores. Well we do have the capability of handling that type of 850 order and that’s called a “Master Order” within the application. So with the Master Order basically you have one order header and that one order header in this example, order number four, contains all of these orders under it so all of order 277, 278, 279. So with the Master Order planning you can see all of the items across those orders and which orders they belong to. So as an example, BIC pens are on all three orders, this item is on all three, this item is only on two, this item is only on one. So you have the capability of fulfilling your customers’ needs, if it’s a “Fill or Kill” method or you can drop down the order line quantities by an adjustment percentage, you can calculate an adjustment if you wanted. Another feature of this if you have the capability of consolidating shipments and what I mean by that is say you have, again, maybe two store orders that are going to the same store within maybe the same two day period, the system you can program logic into the system to consolidate the shipments so it’s going to look at maybe the shipment window and it can all be user-defined, if it’s a two-day, three-day, one-day window, the ship to address, the quantity, the type of materials, etc. and the system can go ahead and consolidate those orders on a single shipment for you. So you would have multiple orders on a single truck going out to the destination. Another feature that I wanted to quickly highlight was the capability that we have to do rate shopping. So we have a direct integration with ConnectShip and with ConnectShip you have the capability of say, punching in a shipment number, in this case Shipment 455, it’s going to bring up all of the cartons that you have within that specific shipment, In this case I have one carton with five pieces in it. I can come in I can go ahead and rate my shipments so whatever carriers I have set up with ConnectShip it’s going to go ahead and rate shop for me. I can manifest them. I can print my labels so there is no need to basically interact with maybe the UPS or FedEx system, all of it can be done from within console. So those are just some of the features that we have the capability of providing to your organization as well as the EDI expertise. Again, I hope this has piqued your interest and if it has please feel free to contact one of our sales representatives we we’ll be more than happy to do a live demonstration for you.

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