April 26, 2020 (Clearwater, FL)

As the risk of cyberattacks continues, Datex has launched services to help clients protect their businesses, data and customers.  Datex Disaster Recovery Services are designed to help its WMS software clients prevent downtime, data loss, disruption and potential disaster.

Leveraging the strategy of Continuous Data Protection (CDP), Datex Disaster Recovery Service helps to ensure continuous data replication, long-term data retention and application consistency grouping.  Use of CDP also eases journal-based data recovery and eliminates the need for periodic backups and snapshots.  The Datex Disaster Recovery Service simplifies both backup and disaster recovery on one simple platform and provides visibility across multi-sites and cloud environments as well as analytics with intelligent dashboards.

“In the past two years or so, we have seen an increase in cybersecurity attacks.  Data security is of primary concern to all supply chain businesses.  In this day and age, all businesses need cybersecurity protection, especially disaster recovery services to ensure business continuity” said Andy Armanious, Vice President of Development for Datex.

Disaster recovery services are exclusively offered to Datex Footprint® WMS software clients across the world. The Datex warehouse management system is used by third party logistics providers, fulfillment centers, cold storage warehouses, pharmaceutical and life sciences businesses and distribution centers.


About Datex

For over 42 years, Datex has helped supply chain businesses to operate more efficiently and productively using cutting edge technology.  As a Microsoft Gold level partner for Software Application Development, Datex is considered to be in the top 1% of the 640,000 Microsoft partners worldwide.   For more information on Datex warehouse management software, hardware and managed services, please visit the Datex website https://www.datexcorp.com/.


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