Are you a third party logistics provider?

If you are, your business tends to be very complicated. You probably feel like you are going off in a million different directions trying to make all of your customers happy each and every day. In your business, no two customers are exactly alike. Each one has different needs, processes and business requirements.

A recent supply chain industry survey showed that 74% of 3PLs handle 10 or more customers. Most 3PLs handle multiple commodities, that is, many different kinds of inventory. Literally from soup to nuts and everything in between.

96% of 3PLs report that meeting customer needs is one of their greatest 3PL challenges. Managing multiple customers and different types of inventory requires software developed to be flexible and highly configurable.

Datex FootPrint® WMS is exactly that software. Developed to meet the most complex needs of 3PL businesses, the Datex warehouse management system includes features like workflow to ensure that business processes, billing, contracts and more can be customized without having to make costly changes to system coding. It’s ideal for 3PL businesses and affordable.

Recognized for excellence year after year, Datex software is user friendly and recommended by 3PLs across North America, Latin America, the Middle East and Europe. In business for over 35 years, Datex is renowned for its customer service, free upgrades and satisfied clients.

Contact us today to see how we can help save your business money and help make your 3PL more profitable. Let us demonstrate in real time how our flexible software can enable you to manage your customer and inventory needs.

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