SB Edition

Small Business WMS

Whether your business is a new venture or a less complicated operation, Datex has a WMS solution that will fit your business needs. The Datex FootPrint WMS Small Business Edition (SBE) incorporates core features developed to increase business efficiency, productivity and accuracy for warehousing, fulfillment and distribution operations and provides them at an affordable package price.Combine Datex SBE WMS software with RF mobile devices to gain real time information about business processes and operations. The Datex suite of warehouse management software tools will enable your business to be more competitive in attracting and retaining new customers.Datex FootPrint WMS SBE is sold exclusively as a web based solution. The Datex warehouse management solution SBE does not require a long term commitment and includes Datex managed system upgrades and backups. As an added benefit, Datex SBE WMS reduces your company’s need for internal IT resources while providing you a sophisticated, easy to use system to meet your business needs.

Here are some of the features included in this edition of Datex FootPrint WMS SBE

small business receiving pallet

Inbound and Outbound Operations

  • - Blind receiving
  • - Catch/variable weight inventory
  • - RF putaway and picking
  • - User directed putaway
  • - Wave creation

Inventory Management

  • - Lot control
  • - Processes inventory in real time
  • - Ability to place inventory on hold
  • - Temperature capture and tracking
  • - Tracks pallets
  • - Multiple customer
  • - Multiple warehouse
  • - Enables basic shipment manifesting
  • - Compliant with CFIA and USDA
small business inventory management


Additional IT Benefits of Datex FootPrint WMS for SBE

  • - Reduced involvement needed by IT staff
  • - Datex manages system backups and upgrades

Find out what Datex FootPrint WMS can do for you.