Retail and Social Media
As the omni channel retail strategy is becoming more and more prevalent retailers are trying to determine the best tools to reach their customers. Their tech savvy consumers make up a larger portion of their target market than ever before. These consumers are taking advantage of many new applications available to them to share potential purchases, new deals and even get advice on purchases. Social media specifically has become a driving force in retail. The top three social media sites used by retail customers are Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter and three out of every five consumers are utilizing social media to interact with retailers. The ways that consumers are interacting with retailers using these social media sites include: to receive coupons, see the latest products and receive customer support. These uses equate to 78%, 65% and 24% respectively.

One way that retailers can take advantage of this new online leaning trend is to implement a system of site analytics to track traffic, trends and other activity in real time. When new content is released, retailers can use these analytics trackers to see which content performs the highest, where it is shared, how it is found, etc. Once this data is discovered it can be shared across retail channels to determine the best way to handle the shopper experience.


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