Profit-ability. Not a dirty word. See How Datex Footprint® WMS software can help make your organization more profitable.

Learn How Datex Footprint® WMS can help make your business be more profitable.

Developed with input from warehousing, distribution and third party logistics (3PL) professionals, Datex Footprint® WMS was designed to facilitate business profitability be helping businesses gain and retain more business, reduce operational costs, capture and bill for services to generate potential revenue and increase productivity and efficiency. The Datex warehouse management system includes an abundance of advanced features. This provides our clients with the ability to handle a wide variety of inventory (multi-commodity), comply with governmental regulations, and offer tremendous value to warehouse and 3PL clients. With a suite of state-of-the-art WMS features and functionality, the Datex warehouse management system is an essential business tool for supply chain and logistics operations. Using leading edge Microsoft tools, Datex has developed a warehouse management system with maximum flexibility and scalability in mind. Using Datex Footprint® WMS, companies can attract and service customers that handle a diverse range of products from serialized goods, apparel, food and perishables, pharmaceutical, medical devices and healthcare to bulk goods, variable weight products, high value cargo and precious metals. Datex recognizes that inventory software is critical to maintaining accurate, efficient operations and has developed software that is easy to use, learn and master. As many supply chain and logistics operations use seasonal workers and experience higher employee turnover, having a system that can easily be taught and learned by employees can save thousands of dollars every year and reduce training and operational costs. Using a system that enables tight inventory control and real time information visibility improves accuracy and order fulfillment rates resulting in enhanced customer satisfaction.

Use Datex Footprint® WMS to build your business and generate more revenue.

Use Datex Footprint® WMS to build your business and generate more revenue

Attract customers seeking top notch technology. Datex WMS software was developed using workflows rather than static hard coding that is time consuming and costly to change. This enables our clients to onboard new clients more quickly and more accurately, customize business processes and generate revenue from new clients faster. Datex Footprint® WMS enables companies to compete more effectively with larger warehousing, distribution and third party logistics providers. Our warehouse management system enable companies to brand invoices, reports, picklists, Bill of Lading and other documents with client specific branding and is EDI and interface enabled. By extending your business beyond the four walls of the warehouse, integrating with carriers, e-commerce shopping carts, accounting and ERP solutions and providing EDI for your clients, your company will have increased value and be able to provide top of the line service for your clients. This valued service translates into tangible results, increased customer satisfaction rates and referrals as well as in higher potential revenue. Datex Footprint® WMS supports a wide variety of value added services including pick/pack, price ticketing, packaging and re-packaging, labeling, shrink wrapping, kitting, assembly, sub-assembly, custom barcoding and deconsolidation. Our software also can capture and bill for all accessorial charges for these services automatically, reducing error and adding more value to your revenue stream. Datex software makes it easier for you to maximize, capture and bill for all the services you provide. Now that’s the ability to earn more profit! With our expertise and functionality for a wide variety of industries and inventory types, using Datex Footprint® WMS enables companies to handle multiple types of products seamlessly and serve multiple industries. Datex provides a variety of allocation and picking strategies to meet most business needs. Developed using Microsoft Windows Workflow Foundation, Datex warehouse management software provides the flexibility & scalability to manage and grow your business without costly modifications. Using a sequence of business activities joined together with logic and decision making (commonly referred to as “workflow”), Datex Footprint® WMS executes business processes seamlessly without error. Workflow based warehouse management systems reduce dependence on software vendors and reduce costly professional fees for changes to static hard coding. The Datex workflow based WMS enables companies to make changes to business processes more quickly, efficiently and cost effectively than in traditional warehouse management systems. This saves money and gives a substantial advantage in today’s crowded business climate. In addition, using this workflow based system enables warehousing, distribution, 3PL and manufacturing businesses to expand to multiple facilities more easily, reducing the need for costly multi-system investment and saving critical implementation time. Datex Footprint® WMS utilizes sophisticated real time technology to locate inventory within the warehouse, improve space utilization and efficiently organize inventory for smooth, streamlined operations day to day. Efficient space allocation can better enable companies to take on more customers, improve operational accuracy and order fulfillment rates. By improving customer satisfaction rates and maximizing the revenue potential of every square foot of warehouse space, your business will be able to generate more referrals and capture all the potential value from your “footprint”.

Use Datex Footprint® WMS to save time, money and labor

As a Datex client, your business will be assured that you will always have state-of-the-art technology right at your fingertips. Free software upgrades are included at no cost with Datex Support and Maintenance agreements, saving thousands annually while keeping your business competitive. By having real time, accurate information whenever and wherever it is needed, mission critical decisions can be made more effectively. This can have a dramatic impact on both your company as well as for the clients you serve. Reduce inventory carrying costs, upload orders, view shipment information, review reports and invoices and much more on an online web portal with 24/7/365 access. Using Datex WMS software, users can make the most of their time and have access to data whenever needed. With a near 100% accuracy rate, Datex Footprint® WMS can produce substantial savings through reduction in human error rates as well as in the labor expended to locate and correct errors. As seen in the courier industry, by dramatically reducing errors rates, companies are able to increase billing speed and capture revenue faster while still enjoying labor savings from error rate reduction. Datex professionals have real world experience in the manufacturing, warehousing, distribution and third party logistics (3PL) industries. Working in collaboration with our clients, our team reviews each operational process and helps streamline and find hidden inefficiencies, making each process as effective as possible. This release of efficiency translates into real savings for each business. Our top priority is that our software fits your business. Using our workflow based solution, Datex team members ensure that our solution is configured properly to optimize the results of our software while powering your business today and every day. One of the newest Datex innovations is cartonization. This module enables businesses to optimize packaging, saving on shipping, packaging and materials costs. It also facilitates carrier, customer and parcel compliance and decreases order returns and damages. Customizable reporting is one of the hallmarks of Datex Footprint® WMS. Using simple “drag and drop”, even non-technical users can create reports in the format of their choice, saving costly professional fees and valuable time.

Use Datex Footprint® WMS to provide more services and maximize operational efficiency

Datex Footprint® WMS features a comprehensive track and trace system. Offering Datex system traceability by Lot, SKU, UPC, serial number, component, ingredient, vat code, batch, vial or package makes product recalls more effective, saving time and money Datex Footprint® WMS was developed with the user in mind, with key features designed to maximize user productivity. The Datex warehouse management system provides users with the ability to receive real time notifications of status changes of special interest to their position. This immediate notification provides users with the ability to react more quickly, enabling faster decision making and response to important business changes and conditions. Users can also subscribe to reports, easily browse using multiple tabs and search fields. Users are able to drag column headers, show/hide columns and more to create customized system viewing preferences which can be saved for each user. The customization of views enables users to save time and increase focus on information needed for their specific position, improving productivity. The Datex warehouse management system software includes a variety of quality assurance/quality control features including inspections, holds and quarantines. With such features as multiple simultaneous holds, inspections and workflows, taste testing schedules and more, companies can ensure accurate product handling and the ability to provide an added layer of service for clients. Datex Footprint® WMS also includes time and labor saving features such as dock door appointment scheduling, crossdock and trans load. The Datex trans load feature allows users to enter inbound and outbound information all in the same window so that receiving and shipping processes can be synchronized. This feature saves time by eliminating the need to have an outbound order generated by data entry staff after product has been received. Trans loads can be attached to load containers enabling users to track, schedule and pre-assign doors with priorities to assist with better organizing workload schedules. This one key feature enables companies to save thousands of dollars annually. Datex Footprint® WMS features the ability to split sales orders into smaller sub-orders which can be filled from multiple distribution centers (DCs) as well as order consolidation, backorder processing. Widely used in the cold storage industry, Datex Footprint® WMS includes specific temperature and zone controlled features. Developed with input from the International Association of Refrigerated Warehouses (IARW) and its members, the Datex warehouse management system handles catch weight/variable weight inventory, temperature capture, ability to restrict inventory to specific zones or locations and much more. This advanced functionality ensures the best care can be taken when handling inventory so that top notch service can be provided to clients.

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