Thank you for taking the time to look at our Pharmaceutical Warehouse Management Software System using Datex Footprint WMS. Today we’re going to take a quick look at the functionality that we have in place for the pharmaceutical warehouse industry. So one of the first items we’re going to take a look at is the Material Management and here I already have some material set up for a pharmaceutical warehouse; you can see we have some surgical gloves and we have some serial controlled items. So you do have the capability of tracking items based off of the Lot Number, Serial Number, both or neither so you have that complete capability there. Under this set up, you can quickly view all of the Lots for a particular item. So as an example I’m looking at latex gloves. I have one Lot . If I double-click on the Lot it’s going to take me to all of the Lot details. So where it is in the facility, by Location, by Pallet, Inbound Orders it came in on. I can double-click these and get to the Inbound Orders very quickly. I can select the Outbound Order, I can pull a Trace Recall Report so you can see from a track and trace perspective we have everything that you need right at your fingertips- especially for a new pharmaceutical warehouse. The other thing that I wanted to mention as it relates to a pharmaceutical warehouse management system is this: in the Materials is the capability we have to track all changes to any tables within the application to meet the FDA’s CFR Part 11 compliance. So if I go to the settings.. and as an example I’ll just change something on this item, let’s just change maybe the description, so we’ll go ahead edit this: latex gloves 555. And if I come back in to my Change Tracking, I’m going to view Change Tracking; I’m going to view everything that has changed on the Materials table as an example. So I‘ll come into the Materials table, I’ll go ahead and search that and you can see that the change for this specific item. So you can see I updated it, this was the User, you can always track the primary key on the table, you can obviously add columns to this. And in the description, so the highlighted field is the one that changed; the old value is latex gloves, the new value is latex gloves 555. If I went back in and deleted that, so let’s delete the 555, you’ll go ahead and see if I update that other table that there will be another update statement on there; so the old value was 555, the new value is just latex gloves. So you can see it keeps every change tracked within this pharmaceutical warehouse software by date stamp, by user, all of that is tracked for you. I also wanted to mention the pharmaceutical warehouse management Serial Number lookup. So you do have this capability to view any Serial Number within the Footprint WMS application. So if you’re tracking serialized items you can search for all Serial Number lookup. You can come in and see aspirin as an example, you can see the Serial Number, the Material Code, the description, the Project, the Lot, all of this information and you can put a specific Serial Number on hold. So if I put a Serial Number on hold, I’m going to say “this is inactive, it is on a damaged hold” as an example. Now if we come back into the application, you can see on the reasons the current reason it’s on hold is because it’s damaged. And if I wanted to change that again I would just make it active so it’s no longer damaged. I’m putting it back on an active status. You can see that if I go back to the reasons there is no current reason, there’s just a reason history of reason code added, reason code removed. And lastly I just wanted to talk about system settings. So, dealing in a new pharmaceutical warehouse software type of environment, if anything goes on hold you want to be notified of immediately. So you can go ahead and set up, say, Lot Expiration Notifications if something’s about to expire, Lot Status Duration if something goes inactive. As an example, if I’m saying that whenever a Lot goes on an inactive status in any pharmaceutical warehouse for any reason I want to go ahead and get alerted immediately and then send me an alert every two days until I do something with that alert. So I can say “Important Lot On Hold” and this will write to my Datex WMS Footprint® wall which we’ll talk about in one second, So I’m going to give this a couple Users. And if we come back to my WMS Footprint® page within the application all of these alerts are written to your WMS Footprint® wall anytime an alert I had set up it goes off. So a Lot went inactive… now we’re seeing that this Lot Look-up code has been waiting for 183 days on a damaged status, you can also have this emailed to you and it will notify you when things get taken out of inventory immediately. So these are just some of the requirements that we have for a pharmaceutical warehouse management software system and the Pharma industry. If you have any additional questions or would like to speak to one of our representatives at Datex Corporation for a live demonstration, please feel free to contact us.

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