Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences Clients Leverage Datex Footprint® WMS Rules Engine

Clearwater Florida (August 11, 2020) Handling, storing and shipping pharmaceutical and life sciences goods often comes with increased complexities, due to regulations, safety, quality and the cost of goods.  Experienced in aiding pharmaceutical and life sciences clients, Datex recently introduced a new tool to streamline meeting these needs while increasing the flexibility of its warehouse management software. 

The Datex pharmaceutical warehouse management system is workflow-driven, making it highly configurable, especially useful for complex processes.  Datex recently introduced a rules engine, incorporated on top of its query functionality.  Leveraging the rules engine with the query functionality enables trained authorized software users to establish rules based on identified criteria against which action will be taken.  When the conditions are met as specified by the rules, the WMS makes autonomous decisions and triggers actions, governing the behavior of the warehouse management system.  The Datex WMS is capable of handling complex scenarios effortlessly and reduces the time associated with complicated decision making. 

The Datex rules engine is ideal for ensuring the regulatory compliance of pharmaceutical and life sciences goods. 

Here are a few ways that the rules engine can be used for pharmaceutical industry goods:

  •  For specialized receipt and handling of controlled substances 
  • To validate regulatory compliance of orders placed by healthcare practitioners 
  • To ensure order processing requirements of goods based on product expiration date 
  • To ensure regulatory compliance based on federal and state licensing requirements 
  • To check that orders comply with state-specific restrictions

The Datex rules engine helps eliminate manual processing and time consuming, error-prone decision making.  This new tool provides Datex clients with a new competitive advantage in increasing the speed, accuracy and volume of order fulfillment and helps keep operational costs under control.

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